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Write Examples of Uniform Motion and Non Uniform Motion

Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2024
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Here are a few Examples of Uniform Motion and Non Uniform Motion:

Uniform Motion:

  1. A Car on a Highway: Imagine a car traveling on a straight highway at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour (mph). In this case, the car is in uniform motion because it covers the same distance in equal intervals of time. Each hour, it travels 60 miles, and the speed remains constant.
  2. An Electron in a Cathode Ray Tube: In a cathode ray tube (CRT), electrons move in a uniform motion. When a voltage is applied, these electrons accelerate uniformly, creating the electron beam used in old-style televisions and computer monitors. The electrons maintain a constant speed and direction as they move from the cathode to the screen.

Non-Uniform Motion:

  1. A Roller Coaster Ride: A roller coaster provides an excellent example of non-uniform motion. The coaster accelerates and decelerates at various points along the track. The speed changes rapidly as it climbs hills, drops, and navigates curves, making it a classic case of non-uniform motion.
  2. A Person Walking: When a person walks, their motion is typically non-uniform. They start from rest, accelerate as they take steps, then decelerate and stop when they reach their destination. The speed and direction change continuously during the walk, making it non-uniform motion.

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