Wipro Interview Experience | On-Campus Drive

As soon as one gets to know about the campus drive in their college, number of questions start striking in the head of students. How to prepare for software development interview? What questions can be in the list? Where to find the good resources for different rounds asked in campus recruitment?

For Wipro on campus drive in my college we were asked to provide soft copy of all our mark sheets during online registration. And on the very day for placement drive we were asked to bring only the admit card and two copies of resume.

Round 1:In this round we have to solve an aptitude exam for one hour. Some questions here were of mathematics and some were of reasoning section.The result was generated as soon as one finishes this part and then was asked to write a paragraph for given topic in 120 words.

Round 2:On clearing first round you are eligible for this one. It is technical interview round.Here you are checked how sound are your concepts. First I was asked for two programs in different programming languages. Then some questions related to pointers, linked list, networking, cyber security, and some project related questions. This went for some 30 mins.

Round 3:This was HR round. For this you need to do some background search for the company, some questions related to this round and prepare your resume ans introduction. Basically here your confidence, communication skills are checked and the way you represent yourself.

All the best for your future endeavors.

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