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What is the need for conservation of mineral resources?

Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2023
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Minerals are one of the most valuable possession which needs to be conserved and possessed. Mineral resources present in the county are important for the economic development of the country and are mostly non-renewable in nature which requires to be used in various spheres of life which includes domestic, industrial as well as agricultural uses. 

A purely inorganic substance that occurs naturally in the earth’s crust is called a mineral. further than two- thousand minerals have been honored and the utmost of these are inorganic, which are formed by the colorful combination of rudiments. nonetheless, a small proportion of the earth’s crust contains organic rudiments, conforming to single rudiments similar to gold, tableware, diamond, and sulfur.

Conservation of Minerals

Conservation of Minerals

Need to Conserve Mineral Resources

Mineral resources should be conserved as the geological processes of the formation of minerals are usually very slow because the rate at which it replenishes is small and the rate of consumption of the mineral resources is very high. The mineral resources which are present on the surface of the earth are limited and also easily exhaustible.

Ways to Conserve Minerals 

Following are many ways to conserve minerals 

  • Recycling of essence. 
  • Use of indispensable renewable backups. 
  • Technology should be advanced to use low-grade ores efficiently. 

Minerals are a country’s precious possession that needs to be conserved. The mineral coffers of a country play an essential part in the profitable development of a country. Minerals are a non-renewable resource needed in all spheres of our life for domestic, artificial, and agrarian purposes. Mineral coffers should be conserved because the geological process of mineral conformation is relatively slow due to which the rate of loss is infinitely small whereas the rate of consumption is relatively high. Mineral coffers planted on the earth’s face are limited in number and are exhaustible. 

To conserve mineral coffers, the government and its people should borrow colorful styles and ways. 

  • Mineral coffers can only be conserved if used in a planned and sustainable manner. For illustration recycling essence can help in reducing the consumption of similar minerals. 
  • By exercising renewable coffers one can conserve mineral coffers. For illustration, coal can be conserved with the application of solar power and hydroelectricity energy. Similar sources of energy will reduce the consumption of coal.
  • New technological styles of mining should be espoused. Training miners with the new technological styles would ensure minimum destruction of mineral coffers. Mineral coffers are non-renewable coffers.

Use of minerals in a planned and sustainable manner, recycling of essence:

  1. Use of indispensable renewable backups. 
  2. Clapping the technology so that low-grade ores can be used profitably. 
  3. Byre-using, recovering, and recycling styles, accouterments can be manufactured from minerals, and by replacing other accouterments as well. In numerous cases, the cost of recovering and recovering is much more advanced than continuing to prize and reuse minerals. At hand is a lot of material available on which how essence can be reclaimed and why others aren’t. 
  4. to find out new areas of minerals, one can always do innovative studies for changing out the locales with the help of rearmost technology. In the case of the Indian Ocean bottom, Exploration, and mining may yield a good tip. 
  5. To reduce transport costs, processing shops should always be carpeted in mining areas. For weighty accouterments like coal, it’s better to convert it into coking coal or in electricity near the hole heads. 
  6. People can conserve mineral coffers by exercising renewable coffers. For illustration, using hydroelectricity and solar power as sources of energy may conserve mineral coffers similar to coal. 
  7. There’s a great compass for the expansion of several mineral-grounded diligence which opens a new outlook for profitable development. 
  8. Mineral coffers may also be conserved through recycling. A good illustration is the recycling of scrap essence.
  9. One should make use of new technological styles of mining. Training of miners can be veritably helpful in conserving mineral coffers by icing minimum destruction during the mining. Fore. g. minerals include iron, canvas, bobby, swab, gold, and lead. 
  10. Negotiation is one of the important ways to conserve some minerals. One can substitute generous coffers for scarce bones. Mineral coffers that bear a small quantum of power during refining, similar to aluminum, should be reclaimed.
  11. We know that refining conditioning and mining always have negative goods on the terrain. It includes the destruction of niche land, air, and water pollution. These negative impacts can be minimized through the conservation of mineral coffers. 
  12. Transnational relations suffer between nations because of mineral coffers. In the nations, where mineral coffers have been discovered, fiscal prudence has been bettered expressively. For illustration, Africa and UAE are canvas-producing countries that are well-allowed-out rich. The main reason is the earnings generated from Canvas and its products.

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FAQs on the Need to Conserve Mineral Resources

Q 1. Why do we need to conserve mineral resources?


Mineral resources need to be conserved as they are limited in nature and it takes many years for the formation of mineral resources and continued extraction of mineral resources decreases quality as well as quantity.

Q 2. What are the needs and methods to conserve minerals?


Recycling scrap metal for the conservation of mineral resources and use of minerals in a more sustainable manner and improved technology are important methods to conserve minerals.

Q 3. Why is the conservation of minerals important?


Conservation of minerals is important as the industries as well as agriculture is dependent mostly on minerals and the substance manufactured with the help of them.

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