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What is the meaning and importance of traffic signal lights?

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Traffic Signal Lights can be defined as the instructor which is used to instruct drivers, riders, and pedestrians. The traffic light is one of the vital public facilities that play a very important role for road users. The various colors of lights are used in traffic lights to instruct road users.

There are three colors in traffic signal lights which are :

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Green

Traffic Signal Lights

These three colors namely red, yellow, and green have their own significant meanings which are as follows :

  • Red Light: Red lights instruct the traffic to stop and wait till the next instruction is given.
  • Yellow Light: Yellow light tells drivers that the light will soon turn red, so they should slow down their vehicles.
  • Green Light: Green-colored traffic light is used to indicate or to give permission to the drivers, pedestrians, etc. that they can proceed ahead.
Meaning and Importance of Traffic Lights

Meaning and Importance of Traffic Lights

Importance of Traffic Lights

  • Traffic lights are used to control the movement of vehicles and passengers to ensure smooth and safe traffic. Traffic lights have been around for years and are used to efficiently guide traffic at intersections and crossings.
  • Since traffic lights apply some rules and regulations on the vehicle drivers and there is a major possibility to meet an accident for those who do not follow these instructions. Hence, Traffic lights help to reduce the rate of accidents on the roads. 
  • Traffic lights also save time by coordinating traffic routes and flow without traffic jams.
  • It also helps to teach discipline to people in everyday life because the people who violate road rules and road safety signals have to pay fines to the authorities. 
  • Before traffic lights, traffic police controlled the flow of traffic. Hence, traffic lights cut down the number of hours a traffic police had to spend on the road to instruct the traffic and thus save them from road air pollution.

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FAQs on Traffic Signal Lights

Q 1. What are the advantages of traffic lights?


The advantages of traffic lights would be that there would be an increase in the traffic holding capacity at any intersection and it is a valuable instrument to increase and improve the safety and efficiency of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Q 2. What is the importance of yellow traffic lights?


The AMBER (or Yellow) indicates to clear the road when changing from green to red.

Q 3. What is the importance of colors in a traffic light?


Green refers to safe to proceed, yellow means caution and red means danger and stop.

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2023
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