Wells Fargo Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Wells Fargo visited our campus for the FTE+Internship. 
Computer Science Engineering,  Information Science and Engineering,  Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering were eligible to write the online test. More than 140 students attended the test.

Round 1: Online Test

It had 4 sections. The test was conducted on Amcat’s platform.

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal English
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Computer Programming
    • 6 questions – Debug the code
    • 2 questions – Programming

It had a sectional cutoff. And they selected 22 students for the next round.


Four teams were formed and were given a topic for the group discussion.
I don’t remember the exact topic but it was related to “developing a platform for WELLS FARGO using AI and ML for the problem which the company is facing or can boost company revenue”.
Later they eliminated 2 members from my team after this round.


They were the same 2 interviewers who took the GD round and were asking questions based on resume and some basic DBMS and DS questions.
Answer the questions confidently.


The manager and the HR were asking basic situation based questions.
However, in my case manager didn’t ask anything from me.
HR asked me my introduction and the things I learned in my boarding school.

I was rejected after this round. I could not understand on what basis they were selecting candidates.

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