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Wells Fargo Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2024
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Round 1: Online coding and Aptitude round

  • This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform. In this, we have different sections with time limits for each section and we cannot go back to previous questions.
  • There is no negative marking and all questions are compulsory to solve. Aptitude tests include questions on data interpretation, profit, and loss, simple and compound interest, probability, permutation and combination, time and work, average, problem on ages, paragraph questions, etc.
  • There was one coding question to be solved in any language you are comfortable with. The total time for each section is different and for the coding section, we had 30 mins to solve 1 questions. The coding question was a standard one which is available on GEEKSFORGEEKS.
  • No of the island’s problems could be solved using a simple DFS.

After this round, 49 people were shortlisted for interview rounds.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

  • The interviewer was very very kind and polite and I was feeling very comfortable with her.
  • At first, she told me to introduce myself.After that, she jumped to one coding question to find the transpose of a matrix and print it.
  • After that, she asked me different questions on oops, what is object overloading and overriding, and their difference.
  • Then she jumped onto my projects which I had mentioned in my resume she was expecting a deep explanation of what all technologies I used in my project and she was satisfied with my explanation.
  • After that she again gave me a simple coding question to find the kth largest element in an array, she was just my understanding of problem-solving and syntax .she was just expecting my approach of doing it she didn’t ask me to write the full code.
  • At last, she asked me a famous puzzle if you are having a 3 liter,5 liters,s, and a 7-liter jug how would you fill exactly 4 liters of water in a 7-liter jug.

After this round, 13 people were shortlisted for the next process.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

  • In this round, she mainly focused on my in-depth knowledge of oops and java. she did ask me about my projects and depth explanation of everything I implemented in the project.
  • she asked me the difference between oops in c++ and java.
  • Difference between linear and nonlinear data structures.
  • oops in java.
  • After that, she asked to explain garbage collection in java, about stack and heap memory.
  • Difference between of final, finally and finalize.
  • She also asked me some questions about operating systems.
  • What do you think about why pointers are not there in java?
  • what are threads in java she was expecting a full explanation?
  • Also, she asked me to write an SQL query on finding the second-largest marks in a table.
  • At last, she asked me to explain the algorithm for a simple coding question to print the total of values of each character in a string given that each character will be having some value, I explained to her a simple hashmap approach for the key as a character and value as its respective value. she was satisfied with it.
  • At last, she asked me if I have any questions for her.

After this round, they did not take any hr round and declared results, unfortunately, I was not selected for Full-Time Role.10 people were given the offer.

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