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Wells Fargo Interview Experience (On-Campus 2021)

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Round 1: First round was an online test on AMCAT platform. It had 3 sections:

English: 12 questions in 15 minutes. There were fill in the blanks, sentence completion, error correction. Difficulty level: easy.

Business analysis: 14 questions in 25 minutes. Questions were based on interpretation from the given graphs, stocks, shares.

Coding: 2 questions in 60 minutes

i) Start and end time of n buses were given. Find the count of the number of bus routes that can be merged.  

ii) Given a m*n square matrix with values from 1 to n, find how many people with a list of candies can be satisfied. A person is said to be satisfied if he gets candy from his list.

Backtracking even within the same section wasn’t allowed.

120 people appeared for the online test and 29 were selected.

Round 2: It was a technical interview. Due to the pandemic situation, it was conducted through Zoom video call. Firstly, the interviewer asked me about information security as that was my specialization course. Then he asked me questions related to linked lists, dynamic programming, arrays and asked me to code the same. He basically focused on the logic more than the syntax. He asked the time and space complexity of every solution. Next he asked me conceptual questions from OS and to write code for semaphore.

The round lasted for 1.5hrs. 15 students were selected for next round.

Round 3: Technical interview with senior leader. She started off by asking questions related to projects and internships on my resume. She expected an in depth explanation of the implementation. Then she asked me the logic of 2 questions:

i) Finding second largest element in an array

ii) Number of sub-arrays with sum equal to k

The interviewer was very sweet and helpful. She gave hints wherever required. She was focusing on how I built the optimized solution from the naive approach and from the hints given.The round lasted for 45mins.

Round 4: HR interview. The interviewer started off by asking me to introduce myself briefly in 30seconds. Then she asked me questions from my volunteering activities to know what I learnt. After this it was all general questions related to my family. She was also very sweet and encouraging.

This round lasted for 20mins.

Finally 8 people were selected and I was one of them.

This was my first interview and the reason I cracked it is because of GFG.  

My advice to all applicants would be to know the time complexity of every solution. Just be confident. Even if your code is incorrect but your logic is right, they consider it. If you don’t know any solution, don’t try to make things up. Be honest with the interviewer.

Also do a background research of the company. Always ask relevant questions to the interviewer at the end.

Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2020
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