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Wells Fargo Interview Experience for summer internship | On-campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2021
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In the ongoing placement session, Wells Fargo visited our campus for hiring Interns, Wells Fargo visited our campus in August for summer interns. Many students applied for it and all the branches were allowed to apply for it. In the first round, the resume was shortlisted on the basis of CGPA and other criteria, and then out of 300 students, 160 were selected for the Online coding test.

Round 1: Online coding round

So the first round was held on the platform named Amcat there were three sections and each section was of equal importance, time for each section was divided.

  1. English: It has some grammar problems related to voices, nouns, etc.
  2. Business Related: So in this round, your analysis ability was tested, There were some questions related to the stock market.
  3. Coding Round: So there were two problems:
    • You are playing the game in which you pass your pillow while music is playing and when the music stops then the person who has pillow will lose and this keeps going until there is only one person is left so you are given a number of person n and an integer k which denotes after how many seconds the pillow will be passed and you have to find the winner.
    • This problem was comparatively hard, In this, we have to rearrange the words of the string in such a way that no two adjacents were the same and if more than one is possible then return in lexicographical order, the string may contain alphanumeric characters (Hint: use priority queue).

Round 2: Technical Interview

Total From 160, 31 were selected for the interview and Luckily, I was one of them, it was easy as compared to the above round The interviewer asked about the Linked list and array and then some basic questions of the array and he asked to make pascal triangle.

Round 3: Managerial Round

So out of 31,25 were selected for this and the Interviewer was quite friendly, he asked about my project and about my journey up to college, and about extracurricular activities and the round was short he asked for the technologies I used in my project and he said bye 

At last 7 were given a final offer, and I was supposed to get selected but I was not selected 

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