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Wand – Create empty image with background
  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

In Python we can create solid backgrounds using Wand. We can use these backgrounds for further use in image. We can use these backgrounds in a backgroundless image to make it more attractive. This can be done by simply using Image() function and setting width, height and background parameter.

Syntax :

with Image(width=<i>image_width </i>, 
           height=<i>image_height </i>, 
           background ='color') as img:
# other image manipulation code

Now Let’s see code to create backgrounds.

Example 1:

# import Image from wand.image module
from wand.image import Image
# create image using Image() function
with Image(width = 400, height = 300) as img:
    # Save image with a valid filename ='transparent.png')

Output :

Example 2: Crate a background with a solid green color

# import Color from wand.color module
from wand.color import Color
# import Image from wand.image module
from wand.image import Image
clr = Color('green')
with Image(width = 400, height = 300, background = clr) as img: ='green.png')

Output :

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