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Walmart Interview Experience for SDE-2 2021

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021
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Interview Process

The whole interview process was done virtually. It consists of 5 rounds.

  1. Online assessment
  2. Technical round 1
  3. Technical round 2
  4. HR round
  5. HR round and Managerial round

Round 1: Online assessment

Time: 1 hour

  • This round was conducted on the HackerEarth platform
  • Firstly, It consists of 10 MCQ questions based on OS, DBMS, OOP, and one general aptitude question
  • Then it had 2 coding question
  • The first one was the easy-medium problem about check two strings equal or not by swapping letters among them.
  • The second one was a medium-hard problem based on the graph data structure (Cities and Roads)
  • I was able to solve the first one completely and the second one partially
  • About 16 students were shortlisted for further rounds

Round 2: Technical round 1

Time: 50 min

  • All further face-to-face interview rounds were conducted on zoom
  • In this round interviewer introduced himself. His role is SDE-3
  • The interview started with my intro.
  • Questions on OOPs and followed by designing of real words examples, expected to write classes structure
  • Questions on DBMS, OS and to write one simple SQL query
  • After this, he asked me to explain the first coding question which I solved completely in online assessment
  • Then a graph question similar to the number of Islands problem
  • An array question to find the maximum area of the rectangle where one side is maximum of (a[ i ], a[ j ]) and another side is a difference of (i, j) where I,j are indices
  • About 10 students were shortlisted for further rounds

Round 3: Technical round 2

Time:1 hour

  • Started with my intro
  • Asked about projects and technologies I worked on
  • This round was fully a peer to peer coding round
  • The first question – Find the equality of two strings by swapping letters of one string
  • The second question( Puzzle ) – array consists of (n -1) elements instead of n elements ranging from 1 to n such that we have to find missing elements in the array
  • Third question – Graph-based question to find a particular element in the matrix which is sorted from left to right and also from top to bottom
  • Fourth question – Given a String we have to find all the permutations of that string. He wanted a fully optimized code, I was able to achieve that
  • I am not clear with the number but as I know 5 people were selected for the HR round.

Round 4: HR round

Time:30 min

  • He asked me some basic technical questions. First I thought it to be a managerial round but it turned out to be an HR round
  • Then he asked me some basic HR questions such as strengths and weaknesses
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years
  • Why Walmart etc
  • He was very cool and it went as a discussion
  • Initially, they told me that it was the last round but within 5 min I got called to join again

Round 5: HR round / Managerial round

Time: 20 min

  • It’s completely based on projects and technologies I worked on
  • I had to explain all the technologies mentioned in my resume, like what is the purpose of using it, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Finally, Selected.


  • Must be aware and prepare for each and every word in your resume
  • Should have high knowledge of OOPS, DBMS, and OS
  • Should have at least solved more number medium questions in Competitive coding. (Standard questions are compulsory)
  • Know about the company before applying

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