Volkswagen IT Services India Pvt. Ltd Interview Experience

Round 1: The first round comprised 30 MCQ questions all questions are from java. 6 Coding questions, 2 questions from DP, 1 question from String, etc

I attempt only 3 questions out of 6. Time Duration is 1 hour for this round and has to utilize each and every minute carefully. I have remembered some of the questions from the Objective part.

  • String test="a1b2c3";
    String[] tokens =test.split("\\d");
    for(String s : tokens)
    System.out.println(s+ " ");
  • int arr[] = new int[10];
    int i=5;
    arr[i++] = ++i+i++;
  • Character ch = new Character('A');
  • String str1= "XYZ";
    System.out.println(str1.equals(new Volkswagen()));
  • final char ch='A';
    case ch:
    System.out.println("65"); //65
    case 66:
    System.out.println("66"); //66
  • float f= 1.00f/0.00f;

Round 2: It was a Technical round based on java, Spring-boot, Hibernate, Spring-data-JPA. The time duration for this round was 2 hours. Panel of Two people were asking questions one by one. He started from Oops Concept

  • Explain HAS-A-Relationship and IS-A-Relationship
  • What is Loose Coupling and Tight coupling?
  • Exaplain Interfaces and Abstract class in Details ?
  • Can we extend two class at a time? – Ans is NO
  • Why Marker interface does not have any methods.?

Then he moved to Multi-Threading asked me

  • what is class level lock and Object level lock?
  • why wait() , notify() , and notifyAll() method present in object class not in Thread class.?
  • what is the use of join() method?
  • What is Synchronization?
  • What is DeadLock with an example?

Collection in Deep

  • How many interfaces in Collection?
  • He asked me about hashmap internal working with the hash collision technique also? I answered with linear probing and double hashing.
  • What is the complexity of the ArrayList and LinkedList?
  • How many methods present in the Collections class?
  • How to print Duplicates Strings in a sentence, my answer- My Approach through HashSet to print duplicates.
  • He asked one Array-based Question

Exception Handling

  • what is Throwable?
  • How many types of Exceptions?
  • Checked and Unchecked Exceptions?
  • Write a Program for Custom exception?
  • Types of garbage Collectors?
  • Daemon Thread?

Round 3: This round was technical round for Spring-boot and hibernate.

  • What are the features of Spring boot?
  • He asked me almost all the annotations in Spring-boot.
  • What is ORM?
  • What is a Dependency injection?
  • How to get loose coupling? By using DI
  • Some Question from Spring Data JPA
  • Circular Dependency?
  • What is the use of @Entity annotation?
  • What is Micro-services?
  • What is load-balancing?

Round 4: This round is all about project Discussion. He asked me about my project. I explained my project in detail, he started asking me the flow of the project. I write my project Architecture, we used in our project ElasticSearch, Kafka, Rabbitmq, Openshift, Micro-services, Openshift, Docker, Redis Desktop Manager.

I explained everything in detail.

Round 5: This was an Hr Round.

    • Tell me about your self?
    • Why we should Hire you?
    • He gave me a real-life situation …. if you are working in pair suppose one person don’t want to work and you have to do the work alone. How will you handle this situation?

After all, these round I got Selected -:)

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