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VMware Interview Experience | Internship(R & D)

Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
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Round 1: 

Round 1 was a written round.

Written Round – 

Coding question – Given an array of n elements, manipulate it in such a way that left side of array contains odd elements in descending order and right side of array contains even elements in ascending order.
Quantitative aptitude – 10 Questions
Technical Aptitude – 15 Questions
10 MCQ questions from 2 of the (C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON) 5 from each language.

Round 2:

Technical Interview Round 1 – 
Data Structures and Core Computer Science – 
1. Write a function to free the tree(De-allocate memory).
2. Write a function to find out weather a linked list which is input is sanitized or not.(it should contain a head node and last node should be pointing to NULL).
3. What is a connection-oriented protocol.
4. Types of joins in DBMS.
5. What data structure would you will use for representing cache memory?
6. What are the worst case and best case time complexity to search a node in BST?
7. How many cycles an instruction goes through in an instruction pipeline and in which cycle cache miss is detected?

Round 3:

Technical Interview Round 2 –
1.. Mention difference between a switch and a router.
2. Suppose you are a switch having ports numbered from (0-7) a packet comes at port no-0 write a function to decide which port that packet should go to?
3. Write a function to convert a tree into its mirror image?
4. In a 32 – bit integer only bits numbered (0-7) are valid given a number to a function print the bit position if that bit is 1.(Example – if 0th bit is 1 print “zero” )
4. Write a function that would return a Boolean value which represents true if given a pointer to a node in a linked list can be deleted and if not return false.
5. Memory segments of a process and what they are called.
6. Which memory segments are shared between two threads from the above question.
7. The interviewer wrote a program and asked which part of program represent which memory segment if it is converted into a process.

Round 4:
Managerial Round – 
1. The interviewer asked me about my projects.
2. She asked me whether i am a self learner or i need a guide.
3. How do i explore a new technology.
4. How much comfortable are you with Linux.
5. She asked do i have any questions for her.

Round 5:
HR Round – 
The interviewer asked me following questions.
1. Where i am from?
2. If i ask any friends of you what kind of person are you what will be the reply.
3. What are the qualities you have that other persons sitting in the room didn’t?
4. What is your family background?
Around 90 people appeared for the written round and 5 of us got selected for the position of R&D intern in VMware.

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