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Viral Marketing is not What we Thought

Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2022
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Are you a startup? Then you badly need to know about viral marketing and implementing viral marketing. Most of the startups have started implementing it and have achieved lots of positive feedback from it and also improved their business to the next level. Here are some top companies which used viral marketing Hotmail, widely cited, etc. In this article, we can see what is viral marketing, the types of viral marketing, and its importance, let’s get started. 

Let’s Know, What is Viral Marketing? 

Viral Marketing is nothing but the process of executing few business strategies to reach out the company products to the customer with the help of social networking sites. Here the consumer spread the word about the product to other people in some of the social networks by which leads to an increase in the Brand name of a product and also increases the business. In biological terms spreading of the virus from one person to another person. 

This marketing strategy technique depends on individuals rather than the technical campaigns for passing the marketing message to users. Basically, Viral marketing is spreading a word through the mouth which can also be said as word-of-mouth(word of mouth marketing), It has been trending in the absence of the internet. When the Internet came into the picture spreading any information or product(Viral effect) was made easy with the help of social platforms. 

Here are some tools used for viral marketing 

  • Quizzes
  • Contests

Here few social platforms to spread viral effects: 

  • Web communities and Web discussions
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin
  • Video sharing sites such as Youtube

When we make any strategy for a product to make viral you need to target our product customers so it can reach fast to a consumer. Viral marketing Supplies some valuable information to customers for free it can be anything i.e. Trending video, Music…etc. 

Different Types of Viral marketing 

In this we will look at different types of Viral marketing strategies rules we will see one by one, Let’s get started. 

  • Incentivized Viral Marketing: This strategy is used by organizations who need to promote their product indirectly by promoting with the help of gifts, some promotional rewards, and giving different web addresses to their product. In simple words, the user needs to take action to climb their rewards. With this product, referrals can increase and this process can be more effective when the reward action is shared by another person.
  • Pass Alone Content: In today’s internet world this is the most commonly used technique for spreading or promoting the message to others. This process can also be called a chain reaction because this strategy forms chain action by submitting the content below the mail which helps to promote, by the readers to others which leads to increase the business. Let’s take an example which is commonly happening nowadays i.e. some small organization promises customers by saying that if you pass this to 10 friends you win iPhone 8 and some other trending gifts like laptops, cars…etc.
  • Viral Marketing Through Excited Gossip Message: This type of marketing strategy can be used to grasp the attention of the public, it involves Ads on different websites, controversial topics, and some other trending discussions. To make this strategy viral you just need to pick a hot trending controversial topic and pass this on social sharing sites and the message reaches much faster than the wildfire from one person to another person it can reach to every corner of the world. By this, we can conclude that It is much powerful in Viral Marketing.

How to Carry-Out Viral Marketing 

Everyone misunderstands viral marketing is all about sharing a hot topic or Gossip Message. Actual viral marketing is all about running successful campaigns rests and understanding how to connect to specific statistical data and producing valuable content. Whenever we follow the viral marketing strategy we need to understand that it’s all about a customer-focused approach so we need to follow statistical data(demographic) about our product. 

In this marketers and analysts need to analyze the statistical data, Once the company knows what their statistical data is all about then we can start creating the content for our targeted audience. This process is continuous and interactive between a person to person. 

Opportunities in Viral Marketing 

Every technology has lots of opportunities, When we take Viral marketing as a career we need lots of analyzing skills to understand the statistical data i.e.demographic, and a regular understanding of modern technologies about media. Let’s discuss some of the career growth in Viral Marketing. 

1. Content Analyst 

In Viral Marketing, Content plays a major role because the content is as good as the viral campaign it reaches as many peoples to share with one another. The main role of the content analyst is to research the statistical data, making content-based videos for the targeted customers, blog posts which consumers show interest to share. Some of the basic qualities required for a Content Analyst are the best communication skills, creative knowledge, public relations..etc. 

2. Marketing Analyzer 

The main work of a marketing analyzer is to study the existing data which consumers like to spread and making some adjustments that the consumer doesn’t like such as recent trends and habits of the consumer. Marketing Analyzer has great Opportunities to build their career in Viral Marketing. Here are some requirements need for Marketing Analyzer is data analysis, business, well and good who knows database management or statistical analysis. 


If we look back at the absence of the Internet times it’s very difficult to make a product or any important news to spread. But now it moves faster than the rocket which has both advantages and disadvantages. These strategies are used by startup organizations which helps them to invest a small amount and gain more profit. It’s one of the trending and fastest-growing strategies. There is a lot of career growth in this if you’re interested to make a career in Viral Marketing go for the consumer-oriented skill set in a marketing education program.

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