Vihaan Network Interview ( On Campus for full + Intern )

Vihaan Network came to our campus for the role of software engineers and allowed (CS, IT, ECE) (CSED All) and MCA.

There are two rounds
1. Written
2. Interview

Round 1: Written Test had 5 section
1. C/C++(15 questions)
2. JAVA (15 questions)
3. Data Communication & Networking Concepts(15 questions)
4. Operating System(15 questions)
5. Aptitude (12 questions)
And its a paper pen test procedure.

Round 2: Face to face Interview
Technical Round Interview main focus was on Java concept. OOP’s, Collection framework, Generics, Multi threading and exception handling.
Question 1- Difference between ArrayList and vector.Memory allocation of both.
Question 2- Overloading and overriding takes care by JVM or Compiler explain all loop holes.
Question 3- What is the use of generics.
Question 4- Static control flow in java.
question 5- State diagram of multi threading and all methods working and asked some question about inter process communication.
Question 6- What is the checked exception and unchecked exception explain about all all the loop holes of both.
Question 7- Some basic question from oops.
Interview was running approximately 70 min.

HR Round He asked tell me about your self. and mainly focused of my project. Firstly i explain my project then he give some situation and asked how you can solve this problem.

late night results were announced and 10 students were selected and luckily i was was an amazing feeling. I just want to say to all of the students who will be sitting for placements to be cool and have calm and patience. At times results might not come your way but there is something already good planned for you. So just wait and give your 100%, brush up your technical skills, communication skills and explain your projects well.

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