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Zoho Interview Experience (Chennai) | Jan 2020 Off-Campus

  • Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2020

Interview conducted for (1-4) year experienced C/C++ developer. Programming Language allowed C or C++.
Round 1: It was a simple Coding for 3 hours. Questions asked in this round:

  • Count number of words, letters, tabs, newlines, whitespaces in the given text file.
  • Subset Sum Problem.
  • Count all possible paths from top left to bottom right
  • Given three strings s1,s2,s3.Remove commonly occurring words or sentences in all the three strings.
    • The strings are:
      s1 = "Everyday I do exercise if"
      s2 = "Sometimes I do exercise if i feel stressed"
      s3 = "Mostly I do exercise on morning"
    • Output:
      s1 = "Everyday if"
      s2 = "Sometimes if i feel stressed"
      s3 = "Mostly on morning"
  • Wildcard Pattern Matching.

Round 2: It was System Design round for 2 hours time duration. Design an In-Memory file management system.

  • Module1: Create a new directory and file in all Levels.
  • Module2: List all directories and files.
  • Module3: Update file content.
  • Module4: Update directory and file names.
  • Module5: Delete directory and file.
  • Module6: Restore deleted directories and files.


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