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Great Experience as a lateral with Pramati Technologies @ Chennai

Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2018
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Round 1: I got a call from LinkedIn as a Java developer. within one day HR scheduled my interview. The first round was Technical one. So they asked the solution based algorithm and data structure ( Like Double link list concept, How you will represent using java, How to insert a new node in the middle, etc). Also asked for two programs one in Number frequencies in an array with java 8 representation and another one is sorting. Also asked few more questions from Spring MVC and JPA. like: what does do @Transactional annotation? how it will understand rollback, etc. Interview person was really good and friendly. He explained a few more features of Java 8

Round 2: Same day they took my Technical two round after the positive feedback of technical one round. He asked some question from MQ, JMS and Kafka tropic. Along with has given some program ( Like based on hashmap,  hashcode(),  Queue representation).

Also asked for Junit and mockito testing framework.

Round 3: They took my third and final managerial round next day. That interview took my Technical Manager. She asked some questions on database designing, ACID property, Normalization, also asked for write some complex queries. then she touches on AWS and asked few more scenario based question from AWS. Really everyone was friendly and helpful… Although it’s a great experience… the next day they have released the offer… it took only 3 days. @whis you all the Best. Thank you. Regards, Debu Paul

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