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Uneva Android Developer Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 05 May, 2020

Round 1: Project Based

Project: Hospital Queue System

They gave me JSON data of patient which include patient test, patient name, patient age, patient-doctor meeting date and so on, and I have to fetch the  data and show in recycler view according to date and also implement a click listener such that after clicking on patient name, hospital or user will able to access each detail of the patient

Round 2: HR Round

HR of the company asked about my personal Information, about my  life experiences and also about some education qualification

Round 3: Technical Round

This round lasts for 45 minutes approx. In this round firstly they open my project and started to talk about different things that I used in my project like- activity, fragment, intent, Java network class etc. after this they start to ask me about some basic java questions like – Polymorphism, Abstraction etc. Then they begin to ask some algorithms and data structure.

Finally, HR came and said you are selected for internship.


About me – I am currently working as an intern at Uneva and Junior android coach at unschool and also doing part-time blogging and seo practice with my website.

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