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Unacademy Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 12 May, 2020

I appeared for Unacademy last year around June. The interview rounds were as follows-

Phone Round:  This was an initial round. Some basic questions related to previous work were asked.

Round 1: This round consisted mainly of 2 questions. The first question was finding the longest palindromic substring in a string.

This can be found here.

The second question was very simple. I have to find the occurrence of every element in a given list.

Round 2: This round consisted the question mainly from my project work. Interviewer was very interested in my projects. The discussion went up to 45 mins.

Round 3: This round consisted of some questions related to Data structure and Algorithm. At last, the interviewer asked me question-related to Graph. The question can be found here.

Round 4: This round was mainly based upon some managerial and behavioral questions.


Verdict: Selected.

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