UHG (Optum) Interview Experience for SDE-1 | On-Campus

Round 1: Online test ( Duration: 1 hour)
This round consists of 2 sections:
First section contains questions related to aptitude having 30 questions in 30 minutes. They were of topics profit & loss, Compound interest, Graphs, DI etc. Best approach is to solve a question and if its long, leave it and solve next question.
Second section consists 2 coding questions, to be done in 30 minutes.
First was a normal array sorting question, Second one was a dynamic programming easy question.

Overall this round was easy, and 15 students qualified this round.

Round 2: Technical Interview
This round was mostly resume based.
He asked me about my minor project and gave a system design problem on student registration management system. He asked about all internships I have done.He asked about some latest technologies like AI, Big data.

Round 3: Technical Interview
This round was purely data structure/algorithm based.
He firstly asked some OOPS concepts. Then he asked me to implement 2-D array sorting in most optimized way.
Then he asked me to implement balancing of HVL tree code and explain him all cases.

Round 4: Managerial Round
This was basically a HR round type.
He gave some situations and i have to comment on the situation, what would i have done in that and why?.
Then he asked me about environment/work culture of companies in which I have done internships.
He tries to confuse you in between your answers so take your time and then answer that question.

Round 5: HR Round
This is very short round of 5-10 minutes in which She asked me about experience of all rounds, my family background, which location I would prefer to join.

In total, 10 students were selected finally,

TIP: Give your online round and technical round confidently, no one can stop you entering UHG. Attend their PPT carefully.

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