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Top 10 Books to Learn and Master Kotlin

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2022
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Do you want to learn Kotlin for Android app development or enhance your Kotlin skills? If yes, then you are on the right track. This article will cover all the Kotlin books that will help you learn Kotlin and increase your Kotlin knowledge. These books include basic concepts as well as advanced Kotlin concepts.

Best Kotlin Books


Though before delving more into this, the first thing you should know is a brief of Kotlin. Kotlin is a statically typed general-purpose programming language, developed by JetBrains and the official language for developing android applications. Kotlin is the most preferred language for native Android app development. It is modern, cross-platform, and easy to learn.

Now, let’s look at the top 10 books for the Kotlin programming language:

1. Kotlin in Action

If you are an experienced Java developer looking for a book to learn Kotlin, this book is for you. It will teach you how to write clean and idiomatic code and how Kotlin & Java work together. It has been written by JetBrains core Kotlin developers Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova. With this book, you can learn the Kotlin language basics, functional programming on JVM, and concepts like interface, object, and lambda. As you probe deeper into it, you will get exciting concepts such as operator overloading, higher-order, DSL construction, and more. After you finish it, you’ll be able to build production-quality applications using Kotlin.

2. Head First Kotlin: – A Brain-Friendly Guide

This is one of the best books for beginners to learn Kotlin. It has a complete introduction to coding in the Kotlin language. It teaches you every concept using diagrams and pictures in detail. In other words, using a visually rich format. The beginning goes from the language fundamentals to concepts such as collections, generics, lambda, and higher-order functions. It will also teach you about object-oriented programming. As you finish the book, you would have developed a firm root of the Kotlin language.

3. Kotlin Programming: – The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

If you are looking for a book that will teach you how to work effectively with Kotlin programming through hands-on examples and basic APIs, then this is the book for you. It provides a detailed explanation of key Kotlin concepts. By the time, you finish this book, you’ll be able to create a reliable, concise application in Kotlin. No matter if you have prior knowledge of programming or not, this book will guide you from the first principles to advance the use of Kotlin.

4. The Joy of Kotlin

Do you want to learn how to write sensible, easy-to-maintain, secure programs with Kotlin? If yes, then you can go for this book. It will explain how to build maintainable bug-free applications. The book will also explain how to approach common programming challenges with a fresh, FP-inspired approach given by seasoned engineer Pierre-Yves Saumont. This book covers the overview of Kotlin, recursion, memoization, etc. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Programming with functions
  • Dealing with optimal data
  • Safe handling of errors and exceptions
  • Handling and sharing state mutation

As you proceed further into the book, you can hang out with many examples, which will explain the concepts in depth. Some of these concepts are handling errors and data properly, managing the state, and taking advantage of laziness.

5. Mastering Kotlin

This book will make you understand how to use Kotlin to build targets such as Android, iOS, JavaScript, and backend services. You will explore various practical topics such as Java interop, concurrency with coroutines, and functional programming. This book is best for those who have prior knowledge of the Kotlin language or are professional Java developers who wish to learn Kotlin. It will help you to understand and leverage the syntax, tools, and patterns by writing code in Kotlin. And this book also covers the best practices to help you master the Kotlin language.

What you’ll learn:

  • Model data using interfaces, classes, and data classes
  • Practical interoperability challenges and solutions with Java
  • Build parallel apps using concurrency solutions such as coroutines
  • Explore functional, reactive, and imperative programming to build flexible apps
  • Discover how to build your own domain-specific language
  • And many more

By the time, you finish this book, you would have gained advanced knowledge of the Kotlin language that will help you to create production-grade applications.

6. Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners by John Horton

This is a good book that will teach you both Android programming and the Kotlin language. This book will provide you with a strong understanding of how Kotlin and Android work together. In addition, you’ll get to learn how to build a graphical drawing app using OOPs principles, adding user interaction, data capture, sound, and animation to your apps, and various other concepts. If you want to learn Kotlin and kick-start your Android journey, you can go for this book. You can find more information about the book in this article: Top 7 Books for Android App Development

7. Kotlin for Android Developers

In this book, you will learn Kotlin by making practical applications. This is a very practical, easy, and fun book to learn Kotlin. This book will introduce you to new features that are not present in Java. If you have prior knowledge of Java and Android Studio, then this will help you learn the concepts more effectively. The book goes from the basics of Kotlin, and Android Studio setup to interfaces, generics, coroutines, building, and testing applications. This a beginner-friendly book for those who have to start their android with Kotlin or learn Kotlin through practical examples. At the end of the book, you would have built a knowledge of Kotlin and Android Studio. And also understand how Android applications develop in Kotlin.

8. Atomic Kotlin

This is the perfect book for both beginners and experienced people as this provides deep knowledge about the language. Written by two experts in the field this book breaks down the concepts into smaller bits thus, making things easy to understand along with these there are numerous practice exercises that are supported by hints and solutions. Atomic Kotlin also includes concise syntax and helps increase your productivity in programming, makes more reliable programs, and teaches how to interact safely with java. In addition to all these things, you will also get resources for getting started so that by the end of this book you will be able to use Kotlin confidently for making various projects. 

9. Kotlin Programming Cookbook

This book is good if you are looking for learning a flexible programming language as it involves both functional and object-oriented programming that is useful for android development. The Kotlin Programming Cookbook is good for beginners who want to gain initial knowledge of java and android development. This book contains various examples and solutions for developing a good android application along with numerous introductory topics including data type conversion, basics of function, using and applying Kotlin class, framework collections, file operation handling, etc. 

10. Hands-On Design Patterns with Kotlin

If you have prior experience with Java or Kotlin, this book is best as it provides a classical understanding of design patterns. Once you start this book, the first thing you will learn about Kotlin’s principles after that you will learn to explore functional programming using Kotlin. Along with this, Kotlin Programming Cookbook also teaches you to solve various problems using concurrent and reactive design patterns. Hence, by the end of this, the person will be able to develop and design several applications and work on scalable projects. 

All great things come to an end, so here we bid away but remember that books are among the best sources for learning anything. Therefore, do follow the books to learn Kotlin that are listed above. You will gradually develop an interest in this subject, and you will find that you have finished all these books in no time. Now, it is time to choose any of them as per your need and start learning.

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