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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in the World [2024 Updated]

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Artificial Intelligence is the technology of tomorrow!!! So it stands to reason that all major companies are investing in this technology and trying to achieve major breakthroughs. Be it Google or Apple, you name any big tech company and chances are they are heavily investing in AI because that is the future! It is even estimated that the net worth of the Artificial Intelligence market would reach $118.6 billion by the end of 2025. 


Here are some of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in the World that are making significant strides in the field of artificial intelligence. Let’s understand how Artificial Intelligence creates an impact on businesses and some of the top companies that work on Artificial Intelligence.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Business

Artificial Intelligence has impacted business and helps in solving huge tasks very easily and along with this there are numerous benefits too, such as:

  • Negligible human error
  • Helps in increasing revenue
  • Generates work quality
  • Helps in predicting customer preferences and increases the number of customers
  • Gives intelligent advice and strong support
  • Make big decisions with the help of cognitive technologies
  • optimize proper routine and eventually saves time and money

Top AI Companies to Invest In

Are you looking to invest in the future? But with so many different AI companies out there, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top AI companies to invest in in 2024. These companies are all leaders in their respective fields, and they have the potential to generate significant returns for investors. Here are some AI stocks and companies that you might find interesting for investment:

CompanyCurrent Market Price (₹)3-Year Total Return (%)Price to Earnings
TATA Elxsi6,29010854.08
Persistent Systems4,513106.3339.95
KPIT Technologies827168.3564.62
Happiest Minds Technologies81210852.40

List of Top 10 AI Companies

Let’s see some popular tech companies and understand the ways they are incorporating Artificial Intelligence in their products and services. Most of these tech giants have also acquired many AI startups that were working on cutting-edge technologies. So let’s see these Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies and the various ways they are implementing Artificial Intelligence.

1. Amazon

Almost everyone has brought something from Amazon at one time or another! And while Amazon is primarily an e-commerce company, it has also become one of the biggest users of artificial intelligence in all its departments. Amazon uses AI in three of its biggest products today i.e. Alexa, the Amazon Go Store, and the recommendation engine on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Echo is a collection of smart speakers that use Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant. Alexa is developed using ML-based speech recognition that uses Natural Language Processing to interact with the users and formulate a response accordingly.

The Amazon Go Store is an excellent source to track consumer shopping trends which are used in many ML algorithms. Amazon also uses recommendation engines that are a part of personalized marketing. These use ML algorithms to identify your past history, searching patterns, etc., and tailor the marketing campaigns accordingly. Another popular Amazon product is Amazon Web Services which provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to customers.

Key AI Applications:

  • Alexa: An intelligent personal assistant employing machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.
  • Amazon Go Store: Utilizes AI for monitoring and analyzing consumer shopping patterns.
  • Recommendation engines: Customize marketing strategies by analyzing user behavior and preferences.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Offers cloud computing services integrated with AI functionalities

2. Google(Alphabet)

Rather than asking what Google products use artificial intelligence, it’s better to ask if there are any Google products that don’t use artificial intelligence!!! Google is heavily invested in AI and uses it in almost all its products. The Google Assistant is a chatbot that can be connected to your phones, TVs, speakers, etc. with the ability to actually have a conversation with you using Natural Language Processing. Other Google applications that use AI are Google Translate, Google Photos, etc. which use technologies like Statistical machine translation (SMT), Image Recognition, etc. DeepMind is also an AI company acquired by Google that researches applications of AI in various fields. Google has also released new AI technologies like Google Duplex and Google Lens recently. Google Duplex is an AI-driven voice that can make appointments over the phone while sounding like a human. Google Lens is based on image recognition that allows you to search online based on your images.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

  • Google Assistant: A chatbot adept at natural language conversations.
  • Search algorithms: Employ AI techniques to deliver tailored search results.
  • Google Photos: Applies machine learning for image identification and sorting.
  • DeepMind: A Google subsidiary dedicated to pioneering AI research

3. Apple

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Siri or at least had an interesting conversation with it? Chances are, you had a fun conversation!!! Siri is the most popular Artificial Intelligence from Apple but it is certainly not the last. Apple’s AI strength lies in its products and this is also visible in its AI innovation. New phones include a chip called the A12 which has a neural engine running the neural network software for speech and image recognition. This will also allow for seamless camera effects and augmented reality experiences on the phone. Apple has also acquired around 20 AI startups since 2010 and that will only enhance their technologies. Recently, it acquired Laserlike (founded by former Google executives) and with acquisitions like Silk Labs, Asaii, etc. in 2018. Apple also employed Google’s AI chief John Giannandrea in 2018 who is now the senior vice president of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence strategy.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

Apple incorporates AI across its products, such as Siri (voice assistant) and Face ID (facial recognition).

These AI-driven features significantly improve user experience across devices

4. Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. But it’s so much more than that! It is a company that uses Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of its work. In fact, it would not even be possible to handle 2.4 billion users while providing them with the best service without using Artificial Intelligence! Facebook uses technologies like Facial Recognition, deep text, Language Translation, etc. to make its services more accessible to users. Facebook AI Research (FAIR) is an internal AI Research group that aims to accelerate research breakthroughs in both existing and new AI technology. They are working on technologies like Computer Vision, Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, etc. Facebook also acquired AI companies like Masquerade and Zurich Eye, Fayteq, etc. which will all enhance its AI portfolio.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

Facebook employs AI for suggesting content, recognizing images, and tailoring personalized advertisements.

Additionally, DeepFace represents an AI system specialized in facial recognition

5. Microsoft

Anyone who has used Windows is immediately familiar with Microsoft and its huge contribution to the evolution of computers. So naturally, Microsoft is one of the leaders in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence as well!!! Microsoft has created Cortana, an intelligent assistant that can provide you with personal AI experiences. Bing, which is Microsoft’s search engine is also using advanced AI search algorithms that allow image search as well. Microsoft uses AI in other services also such as Microsoft 365 which uses intelligent cloud services to provide a seamless experience for corporate teams. Microsoft is also working with AI to contribute to humanitarian issues and help the planet. Microsoft is also investing in bot technology with a focus on bot payments, Azure bot service, etc. To that effect, one of the companies acquired by Microsoft is XOXCO which is a conversational Artificial Intelligence and bot development startup.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

Microsoft’s Azure AI platform equips developers with tools to create AI-powered applications.

Cortana, the virtual assistant, and Azure Cognitive Services stand out as notable offerings.

6. Oracle

Founded in 1977, Oracle, renowned for its database and enterprise software solutions, has grown into a significant force in the AI landscape. They strategically integrate AI capabilities into existing offerings and develop dedicated AI products, empowering businesses to leverage this technology.

Unlike companies focusing solely on hardware or developer tools, Oracle takes an application-centric approach. They seamlessly weave AI features into their established enterprise software, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management applications. This integration allows businesses to automate tasks, optimize operations, and extract deeper insights from data, without requiring extensive AI expertise.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

Oracle incorporates AI into its cloud services, databases, and applications, while the Oracle AI Platform empowers developers to construct and deploy AI models.


Established in 1968, Intel, a global leader in semiconductor technology, has played a crucial role in the evolution of computing. While not typically categorized as a dedicated AI company, Intel’s contributions to the field are multifaceted and deeply impactful.

Unlike NVIDIA’s specialized AI hardware, Intel’s approach centers on versatile CPUs and GPUs, offering broad computational power suitable for various AI workloads. Their Intel® Xeon® and Core™ processors, often coupled with Intel® AI accelerators like Intel® Xe™ Max Series GPUs, provide a robust foundation for training and deploying AI models efficiently.

Beyond hardware, Intel offers a comprehensive software stack encompassing libraries, frameworks, and tools like oneAPI and OpenVINO. These tools assist developers in optimizing their AI code for Intel® architecture, simplifying development and improving performance across various platforms. Additionally, Intel actively supports the AI developer community through training programs, events, and resources, fostering innovation and adoption.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

The OpenVINO Toolkit optimizes deep learning models for deployment on Intel architectures


Founded in 1993, NVIDIA emerged as a prominent player in the graphics processing unit (GPU) market, powering cutting-edge visuals in gaming and professional applications. However, their story in artificial intelligence (AI) began around 2006, recognizing the potential of GPUs for parallel processing tasks essential in AI algorithms.

Unlike Samsung’s diverse product portfolio, NVIDIA’s approach to AI is primarily hardware-centric. They design and manufacture specialized GPUs like the Tesla and GeForce RTX series, specifically optimized for deep learning and AI workloads. These powerful processors deliver exceptional performance for training and deploying AI models across various industries.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

NVIDIA, recognized for its GPUs, plays a vital role in AI training and inference.

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute provides AI training and certification

9. Samsung

Established in 1969, South Korea’s Samsung has become a global leader in technology. Samsung’s AI ambitions manifest across various divisions. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) focuses on fundamental AI research, while its research centers worldwide contribute to specific areas like computer vision and natural language processing.

Products like smartphones equipped with the Bixby assistant and home appliances with smart features showcase Samsung’s commitment to integrating AI into its diverse portfolio. Their Exynos AI chips contribute to on-device intelligence processing, highlighting their focus on hardware advancements.

Samsung actively seeks partnerships and investments to accelerate its AI development. Collaborations with DeepMind and Graphcore, alongside investments in promising AI startups, demonstrate their strategic approach. While not currently known for self-driving cars like Waymo, Samsung’s Neon project explores the frontiers of artificial general intelligence, showcasing their long-term vision.

Noteworthy AI Applications:

  • Samsung invests in AI research and development across its products, from smartphones to smart appliances and robotics.
  • Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, harnesses AI for natural language understanding.

    10.  IBM

    Founded in the year 1911, IBM headquartered in New York, US, provides Artificial Intelligence consulting services. It helps by implementing the data-first strategy. The company also provides the Watson platform for helping you in your transformation to AI. The core services of the company include Application Services, Cloud Services, Security Services, etc. IMB also provides a pre-built enterprise application that eventually helps in the building of powerful models from scratch. 

    Noteworthy AI Applications:

    IBM’s Watson stands as a renowned AI platform deployed across diverse sectors like healthcare and finance.

    IBM Research persists in pushing forward AI innovations.


    Ai has become an integral part of most companies and is used in various technologies such as Automation, Machine Learning, NLP, Robotics, Self-driving cars, Machine vision, etc. And above mentioned companies are the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in the World is being used for innovation purposes. So, if you have an interest in artificial intelligence then you can definitely apply to any of the companies mentioned above.

    FAQs – Top AI Companies

    Which is the best AI company?

    The best AI companies are as follows:

    • Apple
    • Facebook
    • Microsoft
    • Nuro
    • Google 
    • Amazon

    What is the most promising AI company?

    These are the most promising AI companies:

    • Innowise.
    • InData Labs.
    • ThirdEye Data.
    • DataRoot Labs.
    • DataRobot.
    • Master of Code Global.
    • H2O.

    Which Country is the Leading Provider of Artificial Intelligence?

    According to surveys Cannada has been named as the leading country in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

    What are the top AI companies in 2024?

    • Alphabet (Google)
    • Meta Platforms (Facebook)
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
    • NVIDIA

    What is the largest AI deal in 2024?

    1. Microsoft – OpenAI: $10 billion (multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment)
    2. Amazon – Anthropic: Up to $4 billion ($1.25 billion initial investment + options)
    3. Inflection AI: $1.3 billion (funding round valuation: $4 billion)
    4. Databricks: $500 million (funding round)
    5. Google – Anthropic: $300 million – $400 million (unconfirmed amount)

    Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2024
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