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Top 8 Online Assessment Platforms in 2024

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2024
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Finding the right individual for a job is never easy. Traditional hiring procedures have basic flaws and are no longer effective. In addition, applications cannot always be relied upon, and doing interviews involves unconscious biases; therefore, assessments are a preferable option. Assessments allow you to accurately assess a potential candidate’s level of ability and knowledge. According to a recent report, Indian recruiters use online assessment tools the most. In fact, approximately 60% of Indian recruiters report using online evaluation platforms for recruitment purposes.


1. GeeksforGeeks Assess

GeeksforGeeks Assess uses the experience of GeeksforGeeks, a well-known e-learning platform, to provide complete assessment solutions. Its user-friendly platform makes it easier to build up code tests and registration pages, which helps companies simplify their employment process. The live coding environment offers a smooth testing experience, and detailed scorecards provide useful information for decision-making. Companies of every size can use its powerful features for just INR 150 per attendee. GeeksforGeeks Assess, with a focus on pricing and negotiation flexibility, serves the objectives of both small and large-scale hiring campaigns. GeeksforGeeks Assess does everything possible to make sure that evaluations are transparent. Companies can be sure that their assessment procedure is fair and clear when proctoring is allowed and plagiarism checks are strong. GeeksforGeeks Assess can handle everything, from testing a small group of people to running large-scale hiring campaigns. Its flexible design makes sure that it works smoothly even when hiring is busiest.

2. Mettl

Mettl provides online assessments for talent recruiting, training, and certification. It tries to help companies make credible decisions in talent acquisition and development. Mettl offers research-based assessments, a powerful online platform, and detailed analytics to create a major impact. It develops customised assessments for the entire worker lifecycle, involving pre-hiring screening, skill evaluation, training, and certification tests. The CEO of Mettle is Siddhartha Gupta.

Mettl’s online assessment tools are intended to help organisations with their talent acquisition and development programmes. Its research-backed assessments, paired with advanced analytics, give useful information for making informed personnel decisions. As companies handle a wide range of personnel management tasks, Mettl is a trusted partner in establishing and maintaining high-performing teams.

3. HackerRank

HackerRank is a lot more than simply a coding challenge platform; it also serves as a complete technical hiring solution. It wants to transform the tech hiring process by giving developers the tools they need to fully display their skills. Companies may use the platform to design code tests based on real-world circumstances, which helps them objectively discover top talent. With its large user base, HackerRank provides a wide pool of candidates for tech teams in a wide range of industries. Furthermore, the emphasis on data-driven decisions promotes equality and openness in the hiring process. HackerRank focuses on providing coding challenges, technical evaluations, and developer screening services. It promises to change tech hiring by giving developers with tools to demonstrate their abilities and potential, from job preparation to technical interviews. HackerRank enables the development of skills-based coding assessments based on real-world tech problems, allowing businesses to discover top candidates and make data-driven recruiting decisions. It is trusted by more than 3,000 tech teams worldwide. The founders of the company are Vivek Ravisankar and Hari Karunanidhi.

4. CodeSignal

CodeSignal specialises in technical exams and coding interviews. Its platform offers Tech Screen, Pre-Screen, and Interview solutions that are used by recruiters and hiring managers to identify and evaluate candidates for software engineering vacancies. CodeSignal provides practice-based learning through AI-guided assignments customised to individual talents. Its goal is to assist people level up and pursue their jobs effectively. Cosmo, the AI guide and tutor, guides participants with tasks and helps them when they run into problems. CodeSignal’s method for conducting technical assessments differs from standard methodologies. CodeSignal allows people to improve their abilities repeatedly by combining AI-guided challenges with personalised learning. Its platform tailors to each user’s individual learning journey, offering customised tasks to address areas for improvement. CodeSignal provides recruiter and hiring executives with a simplified applicant screening process that includes everything from sourcing to interviews. Its commitment to constant learning is consistent with the increasing needs of the technology industry.

5. InterviewBit

InterviewBit provides a complete learning and preparation environment for tech job applicants. Its classes, coding challenges, and practice interviews are customised to people at all phases of their professional lives, from newcomers to established experts. InterviewBit’s customised approach enables users to successfully refine their skills, improving their chances of getting their preferred roles. In addition, its networking tool connects candidates with appropriate employers, resulting in relevant opportunities for employment. InterviewBit offers coding challenges, simulated interviews, and training for technical recruiting. It is headed by Anshuman, who emphasises improving the learning process.

6. LeetCode

LeetCode provides a platform for code tests and assessments, with the main emphasis on technical interview preparation. It offers coding and algorithmic exercises for visitors to practice coding, making it popular among job applicants and coding lovers. LeetCode not only helps prepare applicants for technical interviews, but also assists companies in identifying top technical talent by sponsoring contests, offering online evaluations, and training. It covers 14 popular programming languages and provides advanced development tools. LeetCode is now a symbol of technical job interview preparation due to its huge collection of coding tasks and challenges. What differentiates LeetCode is its emphasis on not just helping individuals learn coding but also helps companies in discovering top talent. LeetCode connects candidates and employers by sponsoring contests, providing online assessments, and offering training services.

7. iMocha

Online skills evaluation platform iMocha uses AI for training and recruitment. This tool allows companies to measure skills efficiency with job-role-based tests for recruitment and learning. Screening tools, talent evaluations, and AI simulations help companies quickly find qualified candidates. Hiring teams lowers manual assessment time and cost. iMocha’s online assessment technology smartly screens top talent on analytical, effective, and cognitive skills. By using data-driven hiring judgements, this smart evaluation analytics streamlines and objectively recruits.
The iMocha library offers over 3000 examinations in coding, data mining, AI, artificial intelligence, machine learning, information security, business applications, internet of things aptitude, and more. These exams assist recruiters assess candidates, identify bottlenecks, and greatly improve their chances of recruiting the top people. The Skills Intelligence Cloud is iMocha’s latest product besides its online assessment service. It helps companies recruit, reskill, upskill, and manage personnel in any field.

8. HackerEarth

HackerEarth’s software solutions address the different needs of organisations involved in technical recruitment. HackerEarth provides an in-depth assessment of candidates’ technical proficiency by providing coding challenges, tests, and hackathons. In addition to technical expertise, HackerEarth places an importance on establishing an open and psychologically secure environment for all individuals involved. The company’s devotion to establishing a supportive workplace culture is evident through its commitment to openness and implementation of rules such as Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH). HackerEarth is an online startup that offers coding challenges, examinations, and hackathons specifically designed for technical hiring purposes. The founders of the company are Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash.

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GeeksforGeeks Assess is more than just an assessment platform; it’s an essential tool for hiring people. GeeksforGeeks Assess helps companies get the most out of their hiring efforts by offering features that can’t be found anywhere else, being cost-effective, and being dedicated to excellence. GeeksforGeeks Assess will make hiring easy in the future, so you can say goodbye to recruiting problems.

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