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Top 20 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2024

Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2024
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Cybersecurity Trends are increasing day by day with the mixture of responses which is leading to the number of cyber threats, long-term security goals, and innovation of new technologies. Due to these reasons, organizations will be increasingly adopting zero trust principles, least privilege access, and continuous verifications.

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch

Therefore, in this article, a brief knowledge has been provided about the top 20 Cybersecurity trends in 2024. These trends and changes will surely contribute to the cyberattacks that the companies face and the multiple different solutions that the companies adopt to manage them.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is defined as the practice of protecting systems, networks, and multiple programs from digital attacks. Cybersecurity is used to safeguard individuals and organizations against cyber-attacks and theft or loss of sensitive and confidential information. These types of cyberattacks are aimed at accessing, destroying, or changing sensitive information and extorting money from users.

What are Cybersecurity Trends?

Cybersecurity trends are inspired by the mixtures of responses that lead to cyber threats, long-term security goals, and new technologies. Therefore, in this article, detailed knowledge has been provided about the Cybersecurity trends, and the Top 20 Cybersecurity trends are mentioned below.

Top 20 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch out in 2024

1. Increase in the Automotive Hacking

Nowadays modern vehicles are coming in packed with automated software which creates seamless connectivity for the drivers of the vehicles in the cruise control, door bags, and advanced systems for driver assistance. These types of vehicles needed wifi and Bluetooth technologies so that they could communicate which initially caused multiple vulnerabilities or threats from the hackers. Therefore, due to the latest technologies, there is an increase in automotive hacking.

2. Mobile is being targeted by the hackers

Cybersecurity trends provided an increase in mobile banking malware or attacks in 2019 making mobile phones targeted by hackers. All the videos, photos, emails, messages, and mobile transactions lead to more threats to people. The malware or smartphone viruses can also capture the attention of the cybersecurity trend in 2024.

3. Cloud is potentially vulnerable

Nowadays more and more businesses and organizations are developed on the clouds, therefore the security measures needs to be monitored and regularly updated to keep the data safe and private. The cloud applications such as Google , Microsoft are the top cloud applications which are well equipped and secure from their end. It’s the user end which acts as a main source for the multiple errors and phishing attacks.

4. Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has brought multiple changes in the field of cybersecurity by building automated security systems, face detection , automatic threat detection and natural level processing. Therefore Artificial Intelligence has enabled threat detection systems which can predict the new attacks which notify the admins of any of the data breach.

5. IoT with 5G network

With the continuous increase in 5G networks inter-connectivity became a reality with the Internet of Things(IOT). This type of communication between the different devices also opens them to the vulnerabilities from the outside attacks or any unknown software bug. Each step of 5G networks brings a network attack.

6. Data breaches: Prime Target

Data is one of the major concerns for businesses all around the world in order to safeguard digital data. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced from May 25th 2018 which offers privacy and data protection for the people in the European Union (EU). In the system browser any bug is a major potential vulnerability for the hackers to access the personal information.

7. Integration and automation

Each data size is doubled day by day. It is important that the automation should be integrated to give more sophisticated control over the information. The modern work also pressurize the developers to deliver the quick solutions making the automation more valuable than ever. Complex web apps are difficult to safeguard because automation as well as cyber security is the main concept of the process of software development.

8. State sponsored Cyber warfare

Between the western and the eastern powers there is no stoppage in the attempts of finding the superiority. The tension between the Iran or US or Chinese hackers mainly develops the worldwide news through the hacker attacks are few therefore these things have a major impact on the events such as the elections.

9. Targeted Ransomware

This is another cybersecurity trend in which especially the developed nations depend on the specific software to run their day to day activities. These types of ransomware are more targeted and focused. Generally the ransomware asks to threaten to publish the data of the victim unless the ransom is paid but still it can affect the big businesses.

10. Insider threats

One of the major reasons for the data breach is human error. Any intentional loophole can surely bring down the business or organization with the millions of stolen data. The Verizon data breach provides a strategic insight on the cybersecurity trends that 34 percent of the whole attacks were indirectly or directly made by the people.

11. Social Engineering attacks

As the hackers and the attackers use techniques like phishing, spear phishing and identity theft gain access to the private and sensitive data which leads to an increase in Social Engineering attacks. The businesses and organisations must make sure that their employees must be trained to identify and report these types of suspicious attacks.

12. Remote works cybersecurity

Due to the Covid many organisations have moved to remote working which initially introduces the new set of cybersecurity challenges. Therefore the remote workers may be more vulnerable to the cyber attacks as they have less secure devices. Hence the organizations must make sure that the require

d security measures which need to be followed to prevent these attacks.

13. International State-sponsored attacks

The International State sponsored attackers have increasingly become sophisticated and the businesses are aware of these types of attackers which may target them. Therefore they make sure that the security measures are powerful enough to protect these types of attacks such as the real-time monitoring and multi-factor authentication.

14. Multi Factor authentication

Multi-Factor authentication is a type of security measure which needs users to provide more than one form of authentication before anyone can access the account. Therefore this type of extra layer of security helps in the protection against the cyberattacks as to access the accounts these attackers need to access multiple layers of information.

15. Real time data monitoring

It is another most important security measure which helps the organisation to detect and respond to the suspicious activities which are happening. Real time data monitoring ensures that the site should consist of adequate measures in place to monitor all the data activity.

16. Automotive hacking

Nowadays cars are more connected to the internet which is becoming more dangerous to cyberattacks. The businesses and organisations should make sure that there should be enough security measures to protect the connected vehicles such as real time monitoring, encryption and authentication.

17. Identity and access management

Identify and access management is a type of security measure which is used to help the businesses to control and monitor who has access to the sensitive networks and data. Therefore the business should ensure adequate Identify and access management measures such as authentications, access control lists and so on.

18. Improve in security for IoT devices

More and more devices are being connected therefore the Internet of things are becoming more and more popular therefore more improved security is needed for these types of devices. Organisations should make sure that the security of these IoT devices are up to date.

19. Artificial Intelligence Potential

Artificial Intelligence has the true potential and ability to revolutionise the security landscape which helps in detecting and responding to the cyberattacks in the real time. The organisation must make sure that they should have enough security measures to protect against any AI threats.

20. Hybrid mess firewall

Hybrid mess firewalls are increasing rapidly in the organisations which combine the multiple types of firewalls into the integrated centrally managed security architecture which further enables the organisations to deploy the firewall solutions to make sense for the specific environment.


With the increase in businesses, organisations, corporates and other companies everything depended on the Internet and new technologies such as devices and due to this there are a lot of cybersecurity threats which are happening. Organizations should make sure that the security measures which are taken and followed are good so that they can reduce and lower the rate of cyber security threats and attacks. Therefore in this article all the cyber security trends to watch in 2024 have been mentioned.


1. What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting a business or organisation and its employees and the threats which are happening in Cybersecurity by performing multiple techniques and measures.

2. How Cybersecurity works?

Cybersecurity actually works by implementing the preventive measures such as by the software updates and the firewalls to detect and block that type of malicious activity.

3. What is the future of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity will increase in the coming years due to which machine learning has the potential to detect the threats which are happening in the organisation and the business.

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