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Tips to Prepare Your Android App For Launch in Google Play Store

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Over a million apps for every category in the play store and still some apps somehow make their way to the top of downloads and reviews. Every android developer whether beginner or advanced, dreams of launching their apps on play store and getting shined. But beyond creating a good app there are many aspects one ignores when it comes to launching applications on play store because of which they lose a good amount of users. Even when you think of monetizing your application, the initial downloads and traffic play a major role for which you need to master the Search Engine Optimization(SEO).


SEO is very important when it comes to pushing your app to the top searches and consequently getting more downloads because people always prefer the first top searches. So, here is a checklist of points you need to cover before your massive launch on the play store:

1. Descriptive Title and Proper Logo

A name or title of the app can mean a lot when it comes to grabbing users. A proper title indicating briefly what the app does is very important because when a user would search for an app, the name will appear on top increasing your chances of downloads. One top tip is, don’t keep the app name too long or something that is difficult to pronounce for the users. You always need to think in a user’s perspective and what would a user expect and hence spending enough time on the title and logo design is all worth it and will make a major impact in the longer run. Logos are the ones that show up on the phone constantly and working on it to make it look aesthetically beautiful is an added advantage.

2. Keywords Optimization

Not just while launching apps, but in general if you notice youtubers or promoters, they use proper, relevant and wise keywords and hashtags which would captivate users of that category and get their post or product recognized. Same is the case when it comes to apps as well. You should know the proper keywords your app needs in order to be recognized by a large number of users in that category or in the vicinity category and should use it wisely in the description of the app. You can refer similar apps on the play store which are quite successful and how they have productively used their keywords. Fortunately, there are no keyword restrictions in play store which means you can peacefully use any number of keywords in the description box.  

This tactic will widely increase your position from the bottom rankings to one of the top rankings in play store.

3. High Resolution Screenshots

Before anyone uses or even thinks of using your app, they will look at  the immediate thing that interests them, the screenshots. So, portraying good quality screenshots with the title on top as in what part of the app they are plays a major role. There are a lot of free portals which help you to display high quality screenshots and also give description on top as well. As important as it is to display them, organizing them in the correct order is also important. Arranging them in such a way that the user can understand the flow of the app instead of just screenshots stranding over there with no connection at all.

4. Describe Your App Well

Your description box is your chance of portraying your app and hence choosing proper words and describing aptly without taking it too long is a key chance to captivate users. Some points to remember while writing description are:

  • What does your application do?
  • What benefit does it provide to the user or the problem it solves for the user?
  • How you provide a solution to the problem listed above?
  • List of features existing in the app
  • Highlighting of important features
  • Use points or bulletins instead of large paragraphs.
  • Important keywords and taglines in the app.

5. Video of the Entire App (Promo Video) 

A video of the entire running app showing every nook and corner of it so that the user will know its functionalities and also will be a tutorial for first time users which will help them use the app seamlessly.  You can always screen record your app but in case you expect substantial finish, you can professionally edit the video of the app and post it somewhere where everyone can see. One of the easy way to post the video is on YouTube and directly attach the link of the video in the description box on your play store.

6. Rain Check of Everything

These are the important points you need to focus on. But however, when you launch an app on play store, Google will ask you to send a graphic page which is a 1024×500 banner that Android apps can show in the Google Play store, a privacy policy page which should  preferably be a publicly accessible URL, including a Google Site, public Google Doc, or a hosted PDF (such as and some other pages, which I suggest you keep them ready beforehand.  

After you have done all this, you are good to go and you can see yourself how beautiful your app looks on the play store. Once the app is launched, make sure you share it in every platform possible and grab positive reviews because the initial reviews and downloads play a vital role in the lifetime of the app.

Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
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