TIAA Interview Experience

Round 1 :First round was an online test of 60 minutes followed by a coding test of 30 minutes. In the online test there were 4 sections quants, logical, verbal and technical each section had 15 questions and the coding test had two codes one was very easy and the other was of moderate level. They were based on arrays, strings and were easy.

Round 2:Group Activity

This was something different from the usual group discussion round. They gave us 30 minutes and asked us to create an app like make my trip, they also provided us  chart papers and pens to show how the app would look like. We had to divide ourselves in different groups like the ones from sdlc and work out accordingly.

Round 3:Third round was technical round. 

They were basically checking out your basics. Questions on oops, dbms, ds were asked. Questions like find out second highest salary, what are the types of inheritance, types of polymorphism, what are procedure, function, packages, indexes, what is port, server.

Write a program to print a pattern, to find out first non duplicated character from a string.
Last round was managerial round  As soon as I enterd the room, the interviwer first greeted me and then said what do you wanna talk about. So I had to initiate the talk, and the interviewer was quite happy with our discussion.

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