Technovert Interview Experience for Developer

Process For Developer Role –

  • System Test-Candidate has to work on any real time programming problem using any programming editor (Turbo C, Visual Studio, Eclipse etc.)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR

Round 1:

Technovert 1st round compromised of Verbal and Quantitative aptitude and logical aptitude it was not easy some questions were too easy but some were very tough so be prepared with this.There were three sections and each section has some sectional cutoff and there was a negative marking too in the paper.

You should be prepared with 1.Boat and Stream Question 2.Partnership 3.SP and CP questions 4.Series Questions 5.Logical 6.Data interpretation and many other questions.

The Best Part of the test and what i like about this company hiring process is that they give results of each round very fast.

After the test was submitted there was result declared some were showed you can go for the day(because they can’t pass the sectional cut-off) and i was showed you have to wait.

Round 2:

After the first round Many students which were showed you have to wait were also asked to leave.

116 Students were selected for 2nd Round

now there comes the most waited test the coding round in which we were given 40 Minutes to code 4 Questions

All those questions which i got were of good level

Q1.Pattern Question(Easy)(Done)

Q2.Merge Two Sorted Array(Medium)(Done)

Q3.A String Question(Tough)(Did Half)

I don’t remember the 4th Question as the time was very less.

Tip-Time is very less and for some questions the compiler was not working and some students also got very easy questions as compared to me so all matters is your luck.So keep track of time and try to compile at least one questions else you won’t qualify.

Some of my friends wrote the correct code but there compiler for that question was not working so they don’t qualify and they are better than me, i qualified because my one question compiled and passed all the test case as there was only two.

Round 3:

Now it comes to the System Programming Round that was the most fascinating one and i enjoyed it a lot.

I was asked to create a program to maintain a expense between friends it was a medium tough level question i did it in 30 minutes, while i was been tested by many test-cases famed by the company recruiters, what i personally think that this is the best way to check the potential of every candidate.What happened was that every student was asked to open any online compiler and to do the code in any programming language.The interviewer’s keep checking the students while the students were coding.I only qualified from the System Programming Round but they also considered other students as they were given a second chance.

Round 4:

It was a HR round and also included some coding questions at the end.

Hr Round questions–

How was your day?

Me :good

Introduce yourself?

What do you know about us?

What are your skills?

How’s your programming?

Most difficult question you solved?

Me: Dynamic programming Coin Change problem

Explain it

What are the platform you code on?

Me:GFG and Hackerrank

Gave me a question to print the matrix in a spiral order.

Me:Can do this using 4 pointer and increment and decrement at every n number move basically you have put variables or pointers at the 4 corner of matrix, this question solution is on gfg


So overall it was a great experience and the recruitment process was very fast and accurate.

I did not accept the offer as I was unable to move to Hyderabad.

But still it’s a great experience and the company has the young talent you should join there.    🙂


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