Technia Transcat (AddNode India Pvt Ltd) Interview Experience

Got opportunity via elitmus.

Profile: application developer

Package: 3.8 lpa

Interview at pune office.

Office is bit small and in a coworking space but people were really good and helpful.

Pros:  Flat hierarchy like startup and good working culture.

P.S i am not working here but would recommend to any1 who is looking for good opportunity.

Round 1: 

F2F technical interview .


1. Java OOP questions.

2. Static vs non static?

3. Java pass by value or pass by reference?

4. One geeks for geek puzzle. There are 100 people in circle and one person kills next person standing beside then at last which person will be left.

Hint: use brute force

5. Questions on projects and internships

6. why child obj = new parent(); is not possible?

7. Write fibonaaci using recursion?

8. Diff btw comparator and comparable?

9. Object class?


Round 2:

Coding round Time Limit: 1hr.

Live Coding on their laptop.


1. Reverse string.

2. Factorial.

3. Permutation of integer array.

4. return all subsequence.

5. Character frequency in a string and print the table (use hash map)

6. Summary: Basic array and string questions were asked.

Round 3:

Hr round.

Basic hr questions.

Introduce urself?

Why add node?

Strength and weakness?

Any other offer?

Willing to relocate?

Round 4

Interaction with Manager.

Why add node?

Discussion on your aspiration and company goals?

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