TCS NQT Interview Experience from latest syllabus

Round 1:

Firstly we had to register for the exam. Our college has sent us the link for registration. After registration within 3 days I got mail from TCS about the successful application. The hall ticket was received by me 2 days before the exam.

Round 2:

Next one was written test. There were the following rounds –


Around 80% of the questions were repeated from the a website called PrepInsta, all the TCS Ninja previous papers are available on the website.

Round 3:

Tell me something about your project?
What is spread spectrum?
What are the steps involved in demodulating A signal?
What is the concept of Oop?

I cleared the Ninja interview, and the second interview was TCS Digital interview. In the second interview, I was asked why I chose electronic and communication subject. Then I was asked some more questions on:

Discuss event dispatchers
Explain the logging framework.
Discuss your project and design a reader writer class?

Yes, there is negative marking in TCS Ninja Placement papers. But, the negative marking is only there in Quants and Programming Concepts section. English and Coding Ability section do not have any negative marking. Also only MCQ type questions have negative marking. The Value in the box questions do not have negative marking.

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