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TCS Ninja Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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Round 1: Online Test

I did the TCS NQT exam on the 12th September 2021 in the exam there was aptitude, reasoning, English, and 2 coding questions.

  • And the result declared on the 29th Sept 2021 midnight at 12:10 AM and i just shocked i tell my friend check this mail originally came from TCS or what then she said no it’s not fake it’s officially TCS mail id still i can’t believe on her and do research on Tcs fake mails&all till mornings 4 AM then i know its official cam e from TCS and  
  • I am getting super shock how I passed the exam because during exam whole 30 questions of aptitude I just answered 4-5 questions  even during the aptitude part I ate a banana, drink the water also go for pee & come after 2 minutes, and all the other questions I tick randomly then comes to logical nd English that’s the part i know  
  • And then comes to 2 coding questions in 1st coding question  i just write only few lines of code that did not even compiled in 2nd coding question I just write-only. (Dot) because I don’t even understand the question and without writing anything we can not submit so I just write dot….XD

Round 2: Technical Interview 

After all that on 7th October I got the mail for an interview. there are 3 Interviewer TR, MR, and HR

  • First, start with TR 
  • They asked to tell me about yourself, an interesting field I said java then they asked all questions from java like:-
  • Super,static,final,this keywords
  • Polymorphism
  • Override – overloading , Diff- java & python
  • Constructer nd types
  • Inheritance nd types
  • Can we execute java without the main method
  • Latest JDK version
  • Then he asked 2-3 questions from c++ but i got answered only question
  • Then he came to DBMS
  • What is join & types
  • Left join Primary key, Normalization(he goes deep in normalization and I just said no idea sir no idea, ACID and more 2-3 questions.
  • Then he asked from HTML nd css
  • Span tag(that I don’t know)
  • Sss nd types
  • Goes deep on css types
  • And more 2 question
  • Then MR(managerial) comes
  • Asked about SEO(that mention on my resume) how can i boost my website ranking.
  • He doesn’t know about flutter(that also mention on my resume) so asked what comes in flutter and many more  
  • Question about flutter.
  • Asked about API(that also mention on my resume),how many API you know and what uses all of them.
  • And then he asked about situation (what i have to do in that situation) regarding API….but i did not understand well what they want to say i just answered accordingly(here i thought i disappointed him).
  • Even he doesn’t know about diploma studies(like wow he don’t know anything about diploma)& asked a silly question like is it equivalence to 12th or not… and then is it take 7 years and many more
  • And then about TPO(that also mention on my resume).. what you mean by TPO and their works etc…
  • Then HR comes
  • Why did we choose you along with another candidate…
  • Can you agree to relocate
  • Comfortably with night shift
  • And last document verification

Verdict: Selected 


  • Don’t be stressed out about placements..whats yours is find you just keep calm and BELIEVE IN GOD’S SUPREMACY.


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