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TCS Digital Interview Process

  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2021

Eligibility criteria: 6.5 and above, all departments with no standing arrears. Around 1300 were eligible. 

Round 1: 

This round was an Online test. It had 4 sections. Each section will have a specified time. You have to complete the section within the given time. 

Section 1 – Verbal ability 

This section had around 14 to 15 MCQs, mostly reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms and questions based on tense. All the questions had negative marks. 

Section 2 – Quants and logical 

This section had MCQs as well as Fill ups. Fill ups do not have negative marks, but MCQs have. All the questions were quite easy. 

Some of the questions I remember: 

1) A social media like fb, instagram etc, doubles its number of users per week. If the 23rd week has 1 million users, how much time does it take to create half a million users? 

2) If 12 divides ab313ab (in decimal notation, where a, b are digits > 0, the smallest value of a+b is? 

3) 3L of milk are drawn from a container containing 30L of milk. It is replaced by water and the process is repeated 2 times. What is the ratio of milk to water at the end? 

Section 3 – C programming mcqs 

This section had basic C, Cpp, java programming mcqs. This section also had negative marks. 

Section 4 – Advanced programming 

This section had only one coding question. My question was, 

You have M questions and N seconds to complete a test. Each question has some points and takes sometime to solve (which will be given as input). Find the maximum mark that can be scored by the student within the given time N. 

sample testcase: 

4 // number of questions 

10 //  Total time to attend the test 

1 2 // one mark question – 2 seconds to solve. 

2 3 // two mark question – 3 seconds to solve. 

3 5 // three mark question – 5 seconds to solve. 

4 7 // 4 mark question – 7 seconds to solve. 

ANSWER: 8 marks. ( by solving 4 mark question and 2 mark question) 

I was able to crack this round easily. Totally around 1300 people attended this round. 193 were shortlisted. 

Round 2: 

This was a skype interview. Actually we should’ve attended it in chennai. Since there were 193 people, they made it as a skype interview. 

There were 3 people, one was sitting beside me and the other two were online. We should upload the resume beforehand in TCSNEXTSTEP portal. This interview was fully based on my resume. I did not do any project. So they asked me why you did not do any project. I answered them that it took more time for me to find my area of interest. So, I’m planning to do a project only now. They asked me about the idea of the project. I explained them. They were quite impressed.  I had data mining as my area of interest. So, they asked me to explain each and everything about data mining. I spoke about market basket analysis, Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, classification, regression, naive bayes classifier, decision tree, ensemble learning etc and etc. There were some questions from oops also. They asked me to think of a logic for DLL to BST. I already knew that question. Thanks to geeksforgeeks. I answered it well. Some questions from linux as well. 1) Difference between sed and awk. 2) Why do we use sed editor? 3) command to list the files in the directory. The technical part went around 30 mins. 

Now comes the HR. Same good old questions. 

  1. Biggest challenge.
  2. Strength and weakness
  3. Short term goal
  4. Have you ever faced a f2f interview before?
  5. What do you know about tcs?
  6. Are you willing to work anywhere outside your home state?

Finally, 50 people were shortlisted from the interview and I was one among them 🙂

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