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TCS Digital Interview Experience through CodeVita Season 9 2020

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Round 1 : ( Online test )

In this round, you have to solve 6 questions within 6 hours. I was able to solve two questions:-

Q1. Mr. Binary is lost and wants to be found but the problem is he understands only binary. His house is located at a maximum binary equivalence possible, from the given set of numbers. A set is a binary equivalence if the number of 0 zeros and ones from a set of numbers are equal.

Input: First-line contains N denoting the number of decimal numbers. The next line contains N space-separated decimal numbers

Output: Single line output printing possible binary equivalence where the number of digits in this number is equal to the number of bits present in the largest element in the second line of input. If no set has binary equivalence then return 0 padded to the number of bits present in the largest element in the second line of input.

Q2. It was a modified version of the maximum area of a Histogram where you are given the ( length, breadth, height ) and you have to find the difference of volume of the largest area and total volume.

Input: First Line has one integer i.e. total no of the histogram. Second-line contains the length and breadth of a single bar and their line contain the height of the histogram.

Output: An integer corresponding to the volume of summation of gold ingots minus volume of the largest cuboid, mod 10^9+7.

My rank was in the 2700 range.

Round 2: ( Virtual Interview )

After around 12 days of releasing the result, I received a mail for the online interview. 

Usually, there were three rounds one Technical one Hr, and one managerial but as it was online they all joined the same call 

So interview started with two-person (Hr and Manager )

They started asking basic stuff:-

– Scenario-based questions

– Question on leadership qualities, failure, motivation, etc

– difference between files and folder, Importance of objects and instances 

– Deep Dive into my three Machine learning projects (1 minor project, 2 Hackathon project). Please be prepared for a difficult question like why only this algorithm?

One more person joined (technical interviewer )

She first confirms the role i.e whether it is TCS Digital or TCS Ninja from Hr. Hr confirms that the interview is for TCS Digital.

She said, “we have to drill him on coding “. I was a little nervous but I managed. 

She asked me the following question:-

– Oops concept with examples

– Implement operator overloading in Java, I said ” mam Java does not support operator overloading”. She then said Yes then implement function overloading.

– Some more questions on the project.

– Print a triangle of height n in Python only.

With this, my technical round got over.

But Wait, After around 2 Hour they again called me to take one more technical round

This round again started with the same set of people and my technical manager asked me What you have in your lunch today? ????

After that, She told me to choose a language and showed me a question. 

I was more comfortable with Java So I said Java.

Q.Givena no. between 0 and 100 check whether the no. is prime or not. If the no is prime square the digits of that ni. and reverse it. If the new no. formed is a prime, repeat the same process again if the new no. formed is prime then prints the original number.

Example : 

n = 23

It’s a prime => new no.formed is 94 (3^2*10+2^2) which is not a prime so print “NOT PRIME”

I was able to solve the question and they all look satisfied with my approach That’s it.

Advice :

Be clear with Any one language, Prefer (Java or C++). Be clear with the DBMS and OS. If you have projects then you should have a deep knowledge of the project. That’s it Good Luck

Result: Waiting for the result


Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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