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TCS Codevita Interview Experience | Season-9 2020

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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TCS Codevita is a global coding contest organized by TCS for all year technical graduates, once a year. It consists of 3 rounds:

  • Pre-Qualifier Round.
  • Qualifier Round.
  • Final Round. [Top 25 participants across the globe reach here]

The Pre-Qualifier Round consists of 6 coding problem statements of medium to hard level. TCS offers Pre-Placement opportunities to candidates through the results of this round. So, if you are in the final year of your graduation and want to get placed in TCS (Ninja/Digital profile), consider this round very seriously and get the early job offer in hand (even before the actual TCS NQT test).

N.B.: TCS has a very strong plagiarism detector. If you are caught in any of your coding solutions then you will be disqualified straight away. This year ~68% of the registered candidates got disqualified due to plagiarism.

According to the present and previous year’s statistics, TCS offered PPI(Pre-Placement Interview) to all those candidates who have solved at least one problem successfully and passed all the plagiarism checks. [Although this year, not all the candidates who solved one problem were given the PPI opportunity. They shortlisted on other parameters as well which was not disclosed by them.]

I was shortlisted for the PPI through this round by solving one problem.

Interview Round (Technical, Managerial, and HR): Due to the ongoing pandemic, the interviews were held virtually this time. My interview was held on the Microsoft Teams platform. There were two panelists in my case, one for Technical and the other for HR. They began with the following questions(entirely based on what I mentioned in my Resume)-


  1. How was your day so far?
  2. What are the programming languages you know?
  3. How will you print your name without using a semicolon in C?
  4. What is typedef in C?
  5. What are self-referential pointers?
  6. SQL Query to print the top five rows in a table.
  7. Which keyword is used for pattern matching in SQL?
  8. What is an abstract class in C++?
  9. What is a volatile keyword in C++?
  10. Which access specifier is used to hide all the properties of a class in C++(Not accessible by other classes as well)?

HR: It was just a cakewalk after the Technical Round. Some basic questions were asked.

  1. What do you know about TCS?
  2. Are you willing to relocate?
  3. Are you flexible in learning and working on various technologies?
  4. Can you work night shifts as well?
  5. Do you know about the bond in TCS?

That’s it.

I was able to crack the interview round and was shortlisted for the Ninja role in TCS based on my performance.

Tips: Prepare very well what you are going to say to the interviewer and be confident and firm in what you say. Even if you don’t know any answer simply inform the interviewer (which I did in my case). The interviewer will catch you easily if you try to fool him and it will definitely create a very bad impression.

I hope, the above information will clear most of the doubts and will help the readers reading this moving forward.

Thank You. Good Luck!!!

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