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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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Hello friends! What’s up?

Hoping, you all must be nice.

So, it’s a good idea to learn about other’s experiences so that you get an idea of the interview process and don’t do the mistakes which they have done.

So, here I am for sharing my September 2019 TCS Interview Experience!

I took the TCS NQT test and cleared it, some students who performed great in that test received a mail regarding the TCS Digital test for which they were shortlisted. I was among them, so after 15–20 days we have to go to Lucknow for the TCS Digital test and it was being said that if you don’t run the code you are out and some rumors as such. I attempted the test but was not able to solve the coding problem( which most of the students were not able to solve). But, I did my aptitude section and English section wholeheartedly.

Some days later I received a mail that I am shortlisted for the digital interview, only some students received that mail. So, I have to travel for the interview, scheduled after 10 days.

The day of the interview:

I reported at 2 pm and after waiting for long my interview started at 7 pm.

Int- Hello ABC! Tell me about yourself!

Me- I gave the description which included my achievements and final year project.

Int- So, you are working on this project, how far has the project reached can you explain about your project?

Me- Explained in detail with some cross questions too.

He was impressed by my academic score(9 CGPA)!

Int- So ABC, what is polymorphism in Java?

Me- Told about it by stating examples( He looked convinced).

Int- How you came from your hometown to Gaziabad?

Me- Sir, by Train.

Int- So, where are you staying?

Me- I am staying in Noida sir at my relative’s place.

Int- Have you done an internship?

Me- No sir, it was not compulsory at my university.

Int- So, do you know advanced java as spring, hibernate, etc?

Me- I went blank, what is he talking about 🙁

Int- No problem, have you any completed projects on digital technologies?

Me- Sir, I have my final year project which is currently in progress.

Int- Ok, It was nice to have you! You are good to go.

Me- Thank you, sir.

We shook hands and I left…..

Tips from my side- Be prepared with some good mini projects in digital technologies like ML, Deep Learning, NLP, etc.

After waiting for 1 hour my HR interview took place at 8:30 pm. I was exhausted by that time.

Int- So, why TCS?

Me- It is the largest IT company in India sir and has a good reputation among people.

Int- Have you sat for other company interviews?

Me- Yes sir, Infosys.

Int- So, what about the results?

Me- Sir, the results are not out till now.

Int- TCS is a PAN India company, will you be comfortable with relocation?

Me- Yes sir absolutely, no problem.

Int- But, you have been in your hometown since your birth then will you not feel homesick?

Me- No sir, I never got this opportunity or I have left before only. Opportunity matter more sir not the location.

Int- So, you are done for the day, we will inform your result via mail.

Me- Good night sir!

He was like you are not the last one to be interviewed;-}

The results were out after 10 days and fortunately, I was selected! Please note I got selected for the profile of NINJA and not for the profile of DIGITAL.

Some Tips- Be natural and genuine and avoid speaking lies, if you are meant to get into some IT firm you would definitely get into the one.

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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