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The DOM ins Object is used to represent the HTML <ins> element. The ins element is accessed using getElementById().Properties:   cite: It is used to set… Read More
Sometimes HTML tables contain empty cells. The DOM Style emptyCells is used to display borders and background for the empty cells.  Syntax: It is used… Read More
The DOM UiEvent in HTML is an event that is triggered by the user interface belonging to the UiEvent Object. The two main purposes of… Read More
The HTML DOM Style backgroundPosition : It sets or returns position of the background-image in an element.  Syntax: To get the backgroundPosition property To… Read More
A table in CSS is used to apply the various styling properties to the HTML Table elements to arrange the data in rows and columns,… Read More
The hanging-punctuation property in CSS provides web designers some upper hand over typography on the webpage. The hanging-punctuation property specifies whether a punctuation mark is… Read More
The fullscreenElement property in HTML is used to return the element that is currently in fullscreen. This property may require specific prefixes to work with… Read More
The Hyphens Property in CSS tells us how the words should be hyphenated to create soft wrap opportunities within words.  Syntax:  hyphens: none|manual|auto|initial|inherit; Default Value: … Read More
The HTML DOM Location Port property returns or sets the port number of the current URL.  Syntax: Get the port property: Set the port property:… Read More
The insertAdjacentText() inserts a provided text at one of the following positions. afterbegin: afterend: beforebegin: beforeend: Syntax: node.insertAdjacentText(position, text) Parameters: This method requires 2 parameters.… Read More
The background-image property is used to set one or more background images for an element. By default, it places the image on the top left… Read More
The DOM Style borderImage Property in HTML is a shorthand property used for setting the borderImageSource, borderImageSlice, borderImageWidth, borderImageOutset and borderImageRepeat properties. Syntax:  It is… Read More
The bubbles event property is used for returning a Boolean value which indicates whether an event is a bubbling event or not. The event is… Read More
The cancelable event property is used for returning a Boolean value which indicates whether an event is a cancelable event or not. An event is… Read More
The currentTarget event property is used for returning the element whose event listeners are responsible for triggering the event. The currentTarget event property is generally… Read More

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