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This article focusses on basic feature extraction techniques in NLP to analyse the similarities between pieces of text. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch… Read More
Finding the text which is having nonstandard character encoding is a very common step to perform in text processing. All the text would have been from… Read More
Word similarity is a number between 0 to 1 which tells us how close two words are, semantically. This is done by finding similarity between… Read More
num2words module in Python, which converts number (like 34) to words (like thirty-four). Also, this library has support for multiple languages. In this article, we… Read More
This article presents a pattern for using execnet to process a list in parallel. It’s a function pattern for mapping each element in the list… Read More
The article aims to perform chunking and tagging over an execnet gateway. Here two objects will be sent instead of one, and a Tree is… Read More
An ordered dictionary is like a normal dict, but the keys are ordered by an ordering function. In the case of Redis, it supports ordered… Read More
The nltk.probability.ConditionalFreqDist class is a container for FreqDist instances, with one FreqDist per condition. It is used to count frequencies that are dependent on another… Read More
The nltk.probability.FreqDist class is used in many classes throughout NLTK for storing and managing frequency distributions. It’s quite useful, but it’s all in-memory, and doesn’t… Read More
The gateway’s remote_exec() method takes a single argument that can be one of the following three types: A string of code to execute remotely The… Read More
What is Execnet? Execnet is a distributed execution library for Python. It allows to create gateways and channels for remote code execution. A gateway is… Read More
Prerequisite: Introduction to NLP, Text Preprocessing in Python | Set 1 In the previous post, we saw the basic preprocessing steps when working with textual… Read More
Prerequisites: Introduction to NLP Whenever we have textual data, we need to apply several pre-processing steps to the data to transform words into numerical features… Read More
Prerequisite: Create a Virtual Machine and set up an API in Google Cloud In the previous article we have seen how to use Facial Detection,… Read More
Prerequisite: Create a Virtual Machine and setup API on Google CloudIn this article, we will discuss how to use Google’s Translation and Natural Language Processing… Read More

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