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scriptreplay command is used to replay a typescript/terminal_activity stored in the log file that was recorded by the script command. With the help of timing… Read More
script command in Linux is used to make typescript or record all the terminal activities. After executing the script command it starts recording everything printed… Read More
iconv command is used to convert some text in one encoding into another encoding. If no input file is provided then it reads from standard… Read More
bison command is an replacement for the yacc. It is basically a parser generator similar to yacc. Input files should follow the yacc convention of… Read More
write command in Linux is used to send a message to another user. The write utility allows a user to communicate with other users, by… Read More
amixer is a command-line mixer for ALSA(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) sound-card driver. amixer can support multiple soundcards. amixer with no arguments will display the current… Read More
readlink command in Linux is used to print resolved symbolic links or canonical file names. In simple words whenever we have a symbolic link and… Read More
gs command invokes Ghostscript, which is an interpreter of Adobe Systems PostScript and Portable Document Format(PDF) languages. After executing Ghostscript it reads further input from… Read More
setsid command in Linux system is used to run a program in a new session. The command will call the fork(2) if already a process… Read More
automake is a tool used for automatically generating files compliant with the set GNU Coding Standards. autoconf is required for the use of automake.… Read More
aclocal command in Linux is used to automatically generate aclocal.m4 files from file. automake in Linux contain a lot of autoconf macros that can… Read More
whereis command is used to find the location of source/binary file of a command and manuals sections for a specified file in Linux system. If… Read More
infocommand reads documentation in the info format. It will give detailed information for a command when compared with the man page. The pages are made… Read More
cpp is the C language preprocessor, it is automatically used by your C compiler to transform your program before compilation. It is also termed as… Read More
sync command in Linux is used to synchronize cached writes to persistent storage. If one or more files are specified, sync only them, or their… Read More