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HTTP Client and WebSocket APIs provide high-level client interfaces to HTTP (versions 1.1 and 2) and low-level client interfaces to WebSocket. The main types defined… Read More
ProxySelector determines which resource has to be requested via proxy as a result return List<Proxy> Methods of ProxySelector class :  Method Description connectFailed() This method… Read More
URLConnection Class in Java is an abstract class that represents a connection of a resource as specified by the corresponding URL. It is imported by… Read More
ServerSocket Class is used for providing system-independent implementation of the server-side of a client/server Socket Connection. The constructor for ServerSocket throws an exception if it… Read More
A proxy is an immutable object and type of tool or application or program or system, which helps to protect the information of its users… Read More
NetPermission class is used to allow network permissions. NetPermission class extends BasicPermission class. It is a “named” permission i.e it contains a name but no… Read More
URLPermission class is used to represent the permission to access the resources of the given URL. The given URL acts as the name of the… Read More
public class InetAddress extends Object implements Serializable: The class provides methods to get the IP address of any hostname. An IP address is represented… Read More
The class allows us to create socket objects that help us in implementing all fundamental socket operations. We can perform various networking operations such… Read More
ResponseCache in java is used for constructing implementation of URLConnection caches, and it nominates which resource has to be cached and up to what time… Read More
The SecureCacheResponse Class in Java represents a cache response originally retrieved through secure means. Syntax: Class Declaration public abstract class SecureCacheResponse extends CacheResponse The constructor… Read More
URL is an acronym of Uniform resource locater. It is a pointer to locate resource in www (World Wide Web). A resource can be anything… Read More
PasswordAuthentication class is provided by package for implementing networking applications, and it is used in those cases when it is required to hold the… Read More
The class represents whether you have permission to access a network via sockets. A SocketPermission consists of a host and a set of actions.… Read More
The CookieManager class provides a precise implementation of CookieHandler. This separates the storage of cookies from the policy surrounding accepting and rejecting cookies. A CookieManager… Read More