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About Company Recruitment Process Questions Asked in Fiberlink Interview Experiences Where to Apply ? About Company : Fiberlink (Pvt) Ltd is a Data Network Operator… Read More
Question: Ticket Scalpers: Given an array of tickets held by n scalpers. The cost of a ticket at the scalper is equal to the number… Read More
I got a call from consultancy asking me, whether they can process my profile for the position of Software Engineer with FiberLink. My profile got… Read More
I applied at Fiberlink thorough a referral. Round 1 (Coding test): 1 question to solve at HackerRank with a time limit of 1 hour. Q.… Read More
Write a function “runCustomerSimulation” that takes two inputs – an integer: total number of computers in a cafe and a string: a sequence of uppercase… Read More
I was shortlisted for fiberlink interview. Following was my experience. 1. Online test, one question, 60 mins. Given an array with marks for ‘n’ students.… Read More

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