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Fiberlink (maas360) Interview Experience | Set 4 (Off-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2015

I got a call from consultancy asking me, whether they can process my profile for the position of Software Engineer with FiberLink. My profile got short-listed.

They asked me to appear for an on-line coding test.
Initial Round
On-line Coding Test
The test contains only one coding questions.
– Given a string, print all distinct palindromic sub-string .

Round 1
– what is singleton?
– write a class for singleton
use case of singleton
– Given an array which contains many elements including repeating numbers.
You have to print repeating numbers
– how do you traverse array
– do you have any questions for me

Round 2
– what is your role in current company
– Describe your project architectural overview

– Please go through projects mentioned in your resume properly, they will go into very depth of the project, and try to understand, what actually you have done in your work.
– What is exceptions?
– types of exceptions
– how do you release resources if exceptions does not occur.
– if forcefully system is set down, how do you release resources
I have given answer, by creating a clean up script which contains all resource releasing commands and whenever we require to release resources , we run the clean up script by checking the process id, whether its running in the system or not

– explain database
– In my resume I mentioned junit, so he asked me how do you test multi-threading using Junit

– Given a puzzle,
Given 10*10*10 grid, which is built by using 1*1*1 grid, if outer most boundary of 1*1*1 is broken down, how many grid will be removed.
– Given a string like gggggaaannnnnnnwwww
write program which will take above input and gives the mentioned output
Please note that in the output ‘g’ and ‘w’ has same frequency number but have to print in alphabetical order.
why are you looking for change

Round 3
– Tell me something about yourself
– Tell me about your work and projects.Long discussions about the project.

– bridge and torch problem

– why are you looking for change

HR Round
– how comfortable are you relocating
– basic questions/HR questions

GeeksFoeGeeks is very good website to prepare for the interviews.
It helped me a lot during preparation.
Hope this will help you as well.

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