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After the first CNN-based architecture (AlexNet) that win the ImageNet 2012 competition, Every subsequent winning architecture uses more layers in a deep neural network to… Read More
Machine Learning: Machine learning is a subset, an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that offers the ability to the system to learn and improve from… Read More
DeepPose was proposed by researchers at Google for Pose Estimation in the 2014 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference. They work on formulating the pose… Read More
Prerequisites: Logistic Regression Getting Started With Keras: Deep learning is one of the major subfields of machine learning framework. It is supported by various libraries… Read More
Training a neural network/deep learning model usually takes a lot of time, particularly if the hardware capacity of the system doesn’t match up to the… Read More
Human activity recognition using smartphone sensors like accelerometer is one of the hectic topics of research. HAR is one of the time series classification problem.… Read More
This article talks about the problems of conventional RNNs, namely, the vanishing and exploding gradients and provides a convenient solution to these problems in the… Read More
Deep Learning is a technology of which mimics a human brain in the sense that it consists of multiple neurons with multiple layers like a… Read More
Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is basically the mechanism to incorporate human intelligence into machines through a set of rules(algorithm). AI is a combination of two… Read More
Ever wondered how are we able to understand the things we see? Like we see someone walking, whether we realize it or not, using the… Read More
Capsule Neural Networks (Capsnets) are a type of ANN (Artificial Neural Network) whose major objective is to better replicate the biological neural network for better… Read More

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