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Tag Archives: Arithmetic Aptitude 3

A is as older than B as he is younger than C.If the sum of ages of B and C is 68 years. What is… Read More
A person’s present age is one third of the age of his mother. After 12 years, his age will be one half of the age… Read More
The present ages of A, B and C are in proportions 4:5:9. Nine years ago, sum of their ages was 45 years. Find their present… Read More
At present, the ratio between ages of Ram and Shyam is 6:5 respectively. After 7 years, Shyam’s age will be 32 years. What is the… Read More
At present father’s age is thrice of son’s age. After 15 years father’s age will be double of son’s age. What is son’s present age?… Read More
Present age of Vinod and Ashok are in ratio of 3:4 respectively. After 5 years, the ratio of their ages becomes 7:9 respectively. What is… Read More

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