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Partitioning in Apache Hive is very much needed to improve performance while scanning the Hive tables. It allows a user working on the hive to… Read More
Big Data is a huge dataset that can have a high volume of data, velocity, and variety of data. For example, billions of users searching… Read More
Hive comes with various “One Shot” commands that a user can use through Hive CLI(Command Line Interface) without entering the Hive shell to execute one… Read More
We are going to create a database and create a table in our database. And will cover Database operations in HIVE Using CLOUDERA – VMWARE… Read More
Hive is a data warehouse solution built on top of Hadoop. In Hive data is managed at Hadoop Distributed file system (HDFS). In this schema,… Read More
Hive tables provide us the schema to store data in various formats (like CSV). Hive provides multiple ways to add data to the tables. We… Read More
Hive provides us the functionality to perform Alteration on the Tables and Databases. ALTER TABLE command can be used to perform alterations on the tables.… Read More
Apache Hive comes with an already created database with the name default. The default database can not be altered in the Hive because it is… Read More
Pre-requisite: Hive 3.1.2 Installation, Hadoop 3.1.2 Installation HiveQL or HQL is a Hive query language that we used to process or query structured data on… Read More
Apache hive is a data-warehousing tool built on top of Hadoop. The structured data can be handled with the Hive query language. In this article,… Read More
In Apache Hive we can create tables to store structured data so that later on we can process it. The table in the hive is… Read More
Apache hive is a data warehousing tool that we use to manage our structure data on Hadoop. The tables in the hive are used for… Read More

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