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SRIB Interview Experience for Internship 2020

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2020

Came to our campus in September 2020

Online Coding Round:

  • Platform: Cocubes
  • Duration: 70 Minutes
  1. Minimum characters to be added at front to make string palindrome
  2. Convert a given tree to its Sum Tree
  3. Remove BST keys outside the given range

Those who solved all 3 questions advanced to the next round, but some other factors like having higher CPI, solving in less time were also considered. 17 were shortlisted for the Interviews.


Round-1 [Technical]:

  • Platforms: Zoom
  • Duration: 65 Minutes

In this round he asked the topics which I am comfortable with, he noted them on the paper and said we will try to focus on these topics. He started with projects and asked a lot of questions about them. He mainly focused on the application part of the project, as my project is based on deep learning he asked many basic and conceptual question regarding CNN’s and it went well. These questions were like “What are the challenges my model going to face in real-time” and “what solutions I propose”. Now we moved to Google docs to write some code.

  1. Reversing a linked list(complete code)
  2. The diameter of the n-ary tree(pseudo code)
  3. Longest common substring(pseudo code)

I solved all of them.

He also asked some basic questions regarding OOPS. He then asked me if I had questions for him. 11 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round-2 [Technical]:

  • Platform: Zoom
  • Duration: 50 minutes

The round started with the famous question “tell me about yourself”. Again in this round too, she noted the topics that I feel good about and discussed regarding my projects. In this round, she asked many questions regarding graphs(prims algo, Djikstra, Bellmanford), and then she asked me to code Djikstra, then I told her that I know complete concept regarding that but it will take time to code that as I have practiced just a few questions, then she said no problem we will move to strings. She asked me to code a complete KMP algorithm, finally, the questionnaire ended with some OOPS questions and asked me if I have any questions.

8 students were selected for an intern.

Verdict: Selected


  1. You should have complete knowledge about your projects
  2. Don’t try to manage if you don’t know the answer, just be genuine. The Quote which helped me, in this case, is “Sorry sir, I don’t know”, I have said that nearly 20-25 times in my whole interview.
  3. Explain your approach and then code.
  4. Prepare your answers to some standard HR questions in advance. Get to know some info about the company.
  5. Confidence is the major thing, that will help you a lot.

All the very best!

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