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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Interview Experience | For Internship

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2019
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There was an online round which was conducted on cocubes. It had three coding questions.(Time limit 90 minutes).

Online Round

1. Find the missing number from given series in array.

2. Given a binary tree, write a function that returns true if every node’s data value is equal to the sum of data values in left and the right children.(Take data value as 0 for NULL nodes).

3. Given a binary tree, write a function to change every right pointer of leaf node to point to the successive leaf node.(Only change the leaf node pointers in the given tree.)

Out of 250+ students, 60 were shortlisted for the Interview process.

The Interview process consisted of 2 rounds.
Round 1

Every 5 students were grouped and called for this round. It was full of coding questions.
The interviewer gave one question and asked us to write the code for it individually.(Time limit 30 minutes).
The question was,
Find the length of longest path from root to leaf node, where the sum of nodes along that path equals to the given target value.

Then each candidate were called and asked to explain the code. Two more questions were asked on spot.
1. DFS algorithm.
2. Find the number of sub-strings in a given string where each sub-string has the same character in beginning and end.(The sub-strings need not be distinct).
Example: abcabb, number of sub-strings that can be formed are a, abca, b, bcab, bcabb, c, a, b, bb, b.
So the answer is 10.
Out of 60 students, 19 got shortlisted for the next round.

Technical + HR Round

1. Tell me about yourself.
Interviewer looked at my resume and started asking questions from the topics mentioned in the Area of Interest.
In Python he asked,
2. The difference between tuple and list.
3. About Dictionaries and Pandas DataFrame.
4. In DBMS he asked to write a query to remove duplicate tuples in a table.
5. In Data Structures he asked me to explain Abstraction and Encapsulation with real-time example.
6. Write a code to print for pairs with given sum present in an unsorted array.
7. He asked about my projects.
8. About JK Flip-Flops .
9. Given a list of words, How will you use hashing to ensure faster access to all words.
10. Consider a system that can store only one bit character. How will you store an Integer 312 in the system.

Out of 19 students, 11 got selected.
And I was not one among them.:(

Best of Luck.

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