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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Internship Interview Experience

Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2021
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SRIB visited our campus in September 2020 for internships.

Online Coding Round: It had 3 coding questions. The duration was 70mins.

  1. Find the highest prime factor for a given number N.
  2. Given data of all nodes of a binary tree (pointer-based),  find the difference between maximum and minimum value.
  3. Given root node of binary tree(pointer-based) and number k, find the highest value of gcd(x,k) where x is value of any node of that tree.

Technical Interview Round 1: It was on the Skype platform. The duration was 45mins. 

He gave 3 coding questions:

  3. Similar to

I got a hint for question 1, then wrote code for all 3 fast.

One DBMS question: 

  1. Given some columns, remove the row containing the second-highest value of a particular row.

One OOPS question:

  1. Write Code for Singleton Class.

Technical Interview Round 2: It was on the Skype platform. The duration was 45mins.

  • For the first 15-20 mins, questions from my Resume and my projects were asked.
  • Then he asked “Design Git”. It was a discussion of 10mins. No coding was required. I gave a graph-based approach. He was impressed with my thinking ability.
  • Then he asked another question: “If there are a lot of incoming images in Android Phone with varying resolution and size, what is the best way to display it?”. I told about bitmap compression and the discussion went for 5mins.

Note: This round was to test my thinking capability.

After the second round, 3 students were finally selected for the internship, and I was one of them.

Advice: If stuck in a coding question, try to get a hint from the interviewer.

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