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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2023
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SQL stands for Structured Query Language. Which is based on relational algebra and schema is fixed in this which means data is stored in the form of columns and tables. SQL follows ACID properties which means Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability are maintained. There are three types of languages present in SQL :


Commercial: Oracle, IBM
Open Source: Mysql

NoSql stands for no-SQL which can be related to non-relational. In a NoSQL database storage and retrieval of data done in other than tabular relations are used in relational databases therefore it is schema-free. NoSQL is also an open-source and distributed type of database.
There are four categories depending on the type of data model they support:

  • Document Stores                                               
  • Graph Database
  • Wide Column Databases                                
  • Key-value stores

Examples: Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB

NewSQL is a modern relational database whose goal is to combine ACID guarantees of SQL with the scalability and high performance of NoSQL. It is made using modern programming languages and technology that wasn’t available before.

Examples: VoltDB, Clustrix

SchemaIt is schema-fix.It is schema-free.It is both schema-fix and schema-free.
Base Properties/TheoremIt strictly follows ACID properties.It follows the CAP theorem.It takes care of ACID properties.
SecurityIt is secure.It is less secure.It is moderately secure.
DatabasesNo distributed database.Distributed database.Distributed database.
Query LanguageIt supports SQL as a query language.It does not support old SQL but supports UQL.It supports SQL with improved functions and features.
ScalabilityIt is vertically scalable.It is only vertically scalable. It is both vertically and horizontally scalable.
Types of databaseRelational database.Non-relational database.Relational database but not purely.
Online processingOnline transaction processing but not full functionality.Online analytical processing.Online transaction processing with full functionality.
Query HandlingSimple queries can be handled.Complex queries can be directed better than SQL.Highly efficient for complex queries.
ExampleMySQLMongoDBCockroach DB.
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