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Software Customer Rights

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Customer is someone who gains benefit from a software product. Customer is considered is one who really use system when it is in production. Software quality generally depends upon both developers and customers. For software development, customers and user are considered as same person.

Rights of Software Customer :

  1. Right to Quality Software :
    • Customer should be provided with software product that actually works. There should not be any problem or issue.
    • Software product that is delivered should be at affordable price.
  2. Right to full explained Implementation :
    • Should be provided with main aim or objectives and parameters of project.
    • Should be provided with advice and support that will help them to avoid or ignore some type of customization i.e. modification.
  3. Right to Quality Support :
    • Should have right to unlimited quality support.
    • Should have permission and allowed to have access to highly qualified experts.
    • Should be provided with resolution of defect on time.
  4. Right to Vendor Control :
    • No amount of interference of vendor should be there in ongoing business.
    • Should be allowed to have access to main source code.
    • If they want to contribute to process for better results, then they should be allowed.
  5. Right to Prevent Software Obsolescence :
    • Should be provided with support, regular updates, and any fixes if there is any change in environment, systems, or hardware, that leads to unusable software.
  6. Right to Improve Infrastructure :
    • Should be allowed to make and apply changes to infrastructure on their own.
    • Should be allowed to facilitate software development environment by improving technology infrastructure.
  7. Right to well-defined documentation :
    • Should be provided with full detail documents that are written in an appropriate and proper manner easy and better understanding.
  8. Right to treat with Respect :
    • Better understanding should be there between customers and developers.
    • Should be treated with respect and appreciate by developers for investing their time in success of project.
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Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2020
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