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Societe Generale Interview Experience (Virtual)

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There were 5 rounds totally. First-round is an Online test that consists of technical MCQs on testing, storage, and basics of data structures. Then there will be 3 coding questions. 2-easy and 1-medium.

Out of 450 students they shortlisted 25 students.

First Round (Technical Interview):

  1. Introduce urself.
  2. More questions from the resume.
  3. Explain the recent project you are working and What roles did u play in all projects
  4. Then he asked to rate me on scale of 10 for java and python. I told 7/10 for Java and 9/10 for Python
  5. Then he started asking from data structures since it’s my area of interest…
  6. What is tuples and list, Use of hashtables, Types of the linked list and it’s memory

Coding Questions:

  1. Reverse array in place
  2. Missing number finding in O(1) if sorted and unsorted
  3. Left Rotate by K times
  4. Linked list loop and removal of the loop
  5. Function to divide all elements by a number and multiply it..then give the remainder of it and place it in the same array.

SQL Queries:

  1. Where and having
  2. Delete and truncate
  3. Nth highest salary using 2 different ways
  4. Return Duplicate rows common with another table (Add a subquery)

He told you have done well any questions for us. That’s it

Second Round (Technical Interview): It is a Tough one. He went through my resume and asked me questions from my projects

  1. Asked code for React database connectivity (React project).
  2. JSP to servlet connection how it is redirecting (Intern project).
  3. From the Android project, he asked me what is an activity, fragment, intent …
  4. Explain my current project or anyone he’ll ask to explain

Since my major language is python and area is data science. 

He asked me deeply in python. So be thorough in any one language? Frankly tell him if u don’t know. I told him I don’t know to react, and then he asked about other projects which I’m familiar with.

  1. How does web application work?
  2. How python does its interpretation
  3. Why python?
  4. Inheritance in Python.
  5. What is the init function, and when it’ll be called?
  6. Given print statement in init function.
  7. If a class without init inherits this, will it print?
  8. If a class with its own init function and also inherits other class, will it prints both statements or just it’s alone?

From DBMS:

  1. Explain indexes
  2. Difference between clustered and non- clustered indexes
  3. Some queries are given tables to join and perform some operations.


  1. Given an array of 0s and 1s do in place and O(n) program to make an array in form of 1s first and 0s last.
  2. Palindrome checking for a sentence and remove all special characters, upper cases.
  3. Quicksort working with an example.

That’s it

Third Round (Managerial Interview):

  1. Introduce yourself as well as ur technical part. He asked about my skills
  2. Gave some scenarios and asked what I’ll do as a leader. Asked me ready for relocation or not.
  3. Asked me the preference work location languages I know.  Some general questions, and they’ll assess how we answer and behave

That’s it

Fourth Round (HR Round): Asked about myself and hobbies, family, interests, personal achievements, etc. Then he asked me some more general scenario questions. And asked me whether I’m comfortable with application development. Why Societe Generale? He asked me about financing and banking. 

That’s it.

Tips: Know more about the company.

At last, they took only 5, and I am one of them. Be confident and don’t panic anywhere. It’s okay if u don’t know some answers.

All the Best!!!

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020
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