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Societe Generale Interview Experience | On Campus (Virtual)

Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020
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There were 5 rounds in total.

Online Coding Round  

First-round was an Online test that consists of technical MCQs on testing, storage, OS, and Data Structures. Then there will be 3 coding questions. 2-easy and 1-medium.

Out of 2400 students they shortlisted 21 students. for next round

Technical Round -1

The interview started with greetings and the most basic question “Tell me about your self ? “. After that, he asked me to choose a language. I chose Java. He asked me the following questions

Java DS and Algo

  • What is a link list? how to implement a link list? Write the snippet of code and explain how a node is formed. Write code for connecting nodes.
  • What s the difference between the hashMap and hashTable?
  • What is Merge Sort? What is Quicksort? What is the difference between the two? which one is best and in which scenario.
  • Explain the OOPS concept?  Differentiate between abstraction and encapsulation.
  • Explain the project that you mentioned in your Resume. ( Please have adequate knowledge of your project.)
  • Explain different types of Tree Traversal? (Pre, in, post) A small question on converting the infix to postfix.
  • Explain searching in BST? ( BFS and DFS and their difference) .
  • What is Java Collections? What different collections you have used and why?

Core Subjects

  • Explain ACID properties. Give an example to explain all. ( here I did a mistake.I said integrity in place of isolation )
  • What is a DeadLock? How to avoid that? What is the Bankers Algorithm? Example of any scenario where deadlock can occur.
  • What will Ctrl + Alt + Delete do? What type of command it is?
  • Why MongoDB and not SQL in your project? Difference between SQL and NoSQL databases? Do you know any other type of DataBase?
  • Different operations on SQL? ( basically he want me to explain select, delete, alter, etc ).

In the end, he asked me one more question from OS which I was not able to answer. I also forgot the Question Sorry :p

Out of 21 students, they shortlisted 12 students. for the next round

Technical Round -2

The interview started with greetings and again the basic question “Tell me about your self ? “.  

  • He viewed my resume and told me to explain all the projects in the resume one by one. What Technologies you have used and Have you deployed any project? Why Azure why not GCP. What do you know in Azure?
  • What are the different types of Join available? Explain each.
  • Difference between Having and Where clause in SQL?
  • What do you know about our company?

Be prepared with Projects, OOPS and DBMS, Also have enough knowledge about the company.

Out of 12 students, they shortlisted 10 students. for the next round

Managerial Round

The interview started with ” Tell me about your self ?”

Then he gave around 7 scenario question based  

  • Suppose you are in a team and one of your team members is not doing the work. what you will do?
  • Suppose you were given a project but you are left with only one day and most of the work is left to do. What you will do?
  • Suppose you have worked in the morning shift but suddenly you have an important client meeting in french time what you will do?
  • As you said you know React JS. If your manager gave you a project on Angular. What you will do?
  • Suppose you are in a team where people don’t want to do the project and the deadline is approaching. what will you do?
  • How will you handle the pressure? What motivates you to complete your work?
  • Give a scenario where you have shown your leadership skill as you mentioned in your Resume.

He also asked about my knowledge of finance. ( As I don’t have any knowledge I said I don’t know sir. )

Do you know what is credit and debit? I said yes and explained a little bit.????

Out of 10 students, they shortlisted 9 students. for the next round

Telephonic HR Round ( around 10-12 min )

She started with “Tell me about yourself ?”. Then she asked me about my domain. Some general questions on Relocation, Night Shift, family background, and knowledge about the Company.  

That’s it  

Result: Out of 9, 8 got selected and I was one of them.  

Advice: Please Be calm. It’s okay to say NO if you don’t know the answer to that question.  

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