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Societe Generale Interview Experience 2022 (On-Campus)

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Round 1(Online Test): 

  1. Platform: HirePro and 90 mins test with the eligibility criteria of 6 CGPA
  2. 3 sections: Aptitude(30mins 25 MCQs)
                         English(4 mins 4 MCQs), 
                        Coding(Time limit: 60 mins for 3 questions).

Coding questions were of medium-hard level:

  1. problem1: find if zeros exist in numbers(easy)
  2. problem2: Find no. of stops to reach the target(Hard)
  3. problem 3: Generate keys from given range(medium)

Note: Out of 35 students, 7 were shortlisted for Round 2.

Round 2(Technical Interview): 

Platform: HirePro(code editor is preloaded in that)

The interview started off with a basic question of “Tell me about yourself”, followed by questions on my previous internship.

  • The Interviewer then started asking questions on how the Operating system works? How does the LRU algorithm work?
  • Then he moved on to Database (which was mentioned in my resume) asked about DDL commands and then extend the topic by asking about DBMS joins, various joins in DBMS, and self join.
  • Next, he asked me to write a query to find the second highest Salary in the table. I did this. Next, he asked about the delete statement.
  • Then asked to write a query of deleting a specific row from the table. I was a little confused here but he gave me a hint and I did it. Then he asked me to delete the 5th row of that table.
  • Then we moved to the code section, where I was asked to write an algorithm to reverse a singly linked list. While I am thinking about the algorithm he asked me What is a single linked list? what is the double-linked list? and how does it works?
  • After writing the reverse linked list code he asked about the time complexity of it.
  • Then he gave me 2 full coding questions which I couldn’t figure out the exact answers. He gave me time to think of a solution but I just discussed my thoughts with him. My Interviewer said he don’t want me to think whether my idea is correct or not, he just wanted to know what I was thinking about the Solution. We shared our thoughts for solutions.
  • Then the interviewer starts asking questions on OOPS, like what is inheritance, multiple inheritances.
  • He asked what it Destructor? How does destructor work? How to handle error and exception in C++? and what is exception handling?
  • Finally, before ending the call he asked me, do I know anything about Societe-Generale? I said a few words but not enough, so he explained to me what is its main agenda and how it works what they are looking for.


  • Be frank with the interviewer If you do not know any answer tell him you are not familiar with the topic because they might ask the topics you are strong in instead of answering it wrong.
  • READ DBMS, OOPS they like to ask questions about these topics.

Round 3(Managerial Interview):

The interview started off with a basic question of “Tell me about yourself”. And how I am handling Covid-19 situations and asked about family.

  • He asked about my internship experience.
  • He asked me to begin and ECE students, why chose the SDE role.
  • He asked me about my hobbies and how active I am in my college?
  • Asked about my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Asked about my future plans? where do I want to see myself after 5 years?
  • He asked me what is my biggest achievement so far?
  • Next, he checked my resume and asked about the biggest challenges faced in my internship, college, and clubs in my college and how I handled them.
  • He Asked me how good are my Management skills and how good I am with my colleagues and seniors and with their disagreements and asked me to rate from 1 to 10.
  • He asked me “why should we hire you?

This Interview is mostly as a discussion. My suggestion in this round is to be confident and use impressive words.

Round 4(HR Interview): The HR interview was pretty tension-free, as not much was asked but rather the interviewer told me about the company.

  • He asked for my job preference, Higher studies plans.
  • He asked me whether I am okay with shifts or not?
  • He told me about the work location.
  • He asked Why do you want to join Soc Gen, etc.

Post the 4 rounds, around 6 students got the job offer and I was one of them.:p


Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2022
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